Monday, August 26, 2019

Disclosure Digest 8-24-19

Peace Be Upon You

The Council has some pertinent Galactic Perspective to share with the glowing ground crew;

X22 Report is back with a great dig and to report that "Trump signals the Reset" - Git Sum:

Paul Helyer is still one of the strongest, most credible Red Pillers out there on the YouTube circuit:

Neon Revolt published his fifth Neon Notables collection for our further edification and amusement:

It's very thick as 'cover storys' are being blown on a planet-wide scale; clean-up in the Amazon:

The Deep State has been around for centuries and up to no good for most of that time; Patienza:

There is a very real possibility that this so-called 'Chinese Trade War' is masking the REVAL:

Multiple Mike checks in with the latest from his semi-retired 'station'; Keep calm and ____:

Another postcard-from-the-road from Sandra Walter as she surfs the incoming Gamma Tsunami:

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