Thursday, August 15, 2019

Disclosure Digest 8-15-19

We're Proud Conspiracy Analysts 

At This Blog...

Morag does a deep dive into the Jupiter Retrograde contribution to the ongoing Galactic Follies:

Git sum Anon threads: '84 Reasons GHWB Was The Godfather Of The US Satanic Crime Family':

Jupiter Retrograde has brought major dirty laundry up into the light of day; let the cleansing begin: 

More Ninth Circle Satanic-panic is easily seen in the scurrying hither and yon of 'the royals'; Yuck:

There is a very good reason the Founding Fathers guaranteed the right to bear arms to us all:

POTUS hasput the [FED] on the Endangered Species List; check out the look on his face; Priceless:

Creator sez; the dissonance is fading as more and more Sheeple begin to Awaken; And So It Is:

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