Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Disclosure Digest 8-21-19

Same As It Ever Was - Hardly!

Matthew offers us some insight from 'his station' to help us put the Follies into Divine Perspective:

The Globalist Wet Dream is as dead as the Clintons; a few recent tid-bits for your perusal:

Arkenciding has a long, ugly history of demonizing 'The Other' and making bloody sacrifices to Baal:

Nazi Paperclip eugenicists had a field day at Ft. Detrick; Q+ is spot on in shutting it down, 'bout time:

Child traffickers 'hide' in plain site and Oprah cheers them on; Mother T, John(not)of God, et al:

I re-post this as many readers are being hassled by lower 4D disembodieds who just got evicted;

Denise LeFay got this download recently addressing the rising fear of 5G among her readers:

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