Thursday, September 28, 2017

Disclosure Digest 9-27-17

Solar Wind = Galactic Consciousness


That old Solar Wind is a-blowin' round my head:

Mr. Galliland waxes eloquently on Humanitie's sordid back-story; spotty but accurate:

The real Team Dark agendas are fast becoming a matter of public record; So Be It:

The Cabal doesn't care what we call them as long as they end up enslaving the entire planet:

Pedophilia is the engine driving the worldwide war-machine and Washington is it's epicenter:

If you read the last GaiaPortal post and were wondering just Who the Dragons were, who have NOW entered, give this message a listen and be En-Lightened:

Finally, our weaponized food supply is getting the public scrutiny it so richly deserves:

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