Wednesday, September 2, 2020

The Latest Messages From The Folks In The Rafters

Crank Up Those Pineals Folks


Ronna, Senior Archangelic Scribe and phenomenal Lightworker nails it again; layout by Maresca:

Two stalwart Ground Crew just beamed back to their respective Motherships; Bon Voyage:

Sedona seer Dianne Canfield is spot on IMHO and this is well worth a look-SEE:

This September Energy Report by Jennifer Hoffman will perhaps shed some welcome Light on You:

This from Lord Sananda via James McConell - We're untouchable in the Higher Vibrations; Whew:

I've pinned this one for another go-round as I feel it's Seminally Relevant to our NOW Moments:

No better way to round this one off than with a Pleiadian pep-talk courtesy of Valerie Donner:

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