Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Disclosure Digest 9-16-20

Manic Maniacal Maniac

Demonic death-cultists are maniacally trying to destroy all that is of the Light; it's what they Do:

The massive class-action suits are coming & they will quickly re-shape the fabric of our Civilization:

Donation laundering in plain sight; all nefarious assets are dumb and deployed; Kekfest:

Dave sets the stage for the Alliance 'Trap of Traps'; the end of the Hidden Hand draws Neigh:

Ranger Mike gets it mostly right about the motives of the terrorist arsonists; good Sauce:

Get my shotgun Daisy Mae, there’s hooded hooligans a tryin' to burn down our Homestead:

Biblical! we're witnessing Five weaponized storms at once in the Atlantic, all doomed to failure; Kek:

Brenda Hoffman reminds us to step into our true Co-Creative Power as old 3/4D self-Destructs:

The Matrix is in tatters and the glorious Reality is hid is streaming through Unabated:

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