Monday, September 28, 2020

Disclosure Digest 9-28-20

Garrison Agrees...It's Getting Biblical

The 800lb investigation at the DOJ is out of bananas and ready to bust out those juicy Indictments:

This low-rent Albino faux-bro takes a collar for the A-Team as Darwinian selection ramps Up; Kekish:

The West Coast insurrection is forcing millions out of their vintage comfort zones; Kalifornication:

Here in Colorado we honor our dearly Departed with inter-dimensional mail-in Ballots; Nanu Nanu:

And here’s another great reason to avoid commercial flying during our planetary Dimensional Shift: 

The follies Karma Caravan includes a homicidal Princess in a locked & loaded Prius? Whooda thunk it!

The Kogi Mamos of Venezuela bring us this Heartfelt missive from Pacha Mamma; listen up, Y'All:

Creator closes us out with a simple, non-judgmental Universal Truth to Contemplate; Grok On:

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