Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Disclosure Digest 9-8-20


Oy! I Forgot My Admin Code

Warriors of Light use Light-Language passwords and they don't know from spinning Beachballs:

My Anon Thread Du Jour comes to you today via Utsava, Psychic Medium; cheerful Scrolling:

Transcript good, Alliance good, Kat nice lady, muhkay? Frens don’t let frens stay Asleep:

Worthy of the Babylon Beestings; I’m so fond of;  has Anybody got a laser printer?

Q is Yugely trolled w/attacks and angry shill hit-pieces across multi-media platforms; Kek-A-Topia:

Idiocracy Networks presents Clueless Joe of the morning show circuit; yer daily dose of  Deplorable:

Wag-the-Osama was a fake C_A op & Team Six knew the ugly Truth of it; una creatura Disgustosa:

NY ‘conspiracy nut’ in a Cessna massively trolls Cucked Cuomo all along the Beaches:

Suzanne-of-the-Angels brings us a troika of warm 'n fuzzy Light-language Downloads; Ponderfest:

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