Sunday, September 13, 2020

Disclosure Digest 9-12-20

 Poor Joe Just Don't Know

While the Galactic Cease & Desist Order is still in effect why not practice a little Mind Taming?

Nothing To See Here---Move Along! Said the the LSM fear-porn cucked shill; just Sayin:

New Mexico [DS] is incredibly mobbed up above ground but it’s Pure hell down Below; Saucy:

Eugenecide has it's downside, especially when the Sheeple start waking up; y'all need to Lawyer Up:
QMap owner doxxed and forced to shut down his site which drew 10 Million views just in July:

Multiple Mike gets it mostly right in this one; pay special attention to the last Sentence:

Creator is always thrilled to get the last Light Language Download so here ya Go:

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