Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Disclosure Digest 9-23-20

The Wait Is Over, Come To Me Ruthie!


I see patriotic food and schwag vendors along the line; like a long skinny crafts fair/Demonstration:

BOM turning the Federal Reserve screws on anarchist zones; Dem screams are music to my Ears:

This comely high priestess is Shining the Light on the Elijah Cummings corrupted Baltimore: Gritty:

First Wexner then Feinstein and now Perelman; the rush to create ‘lawyer-up liquidity‘Begins: 

Top-shelf Aspen fascists squirming as their dastardly plans are put on full display; aah, Transparency:

Q supporters in Bulgaria show solidarity with young Kyle Rittenhouse; Patriots have Global Reach:

Folks put masks on and frequently behave very badly, my retired banker wife Insists:

Rudolph Steiner, the Prophet in the Pince Nez, deserves some Love for all his Good Works: top Grok:

Creator explains that roaring, ripping sound that totally permeates our comfortable holo-deck Earth: 

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