Thursday, September 10, 2020

Disclosure Digest 9-10-20

Greetings, Fren...

Tired of a steady stream of Fake News? It’s time You got the ‘Gift of Gab’; ponder on, Pilgrim:

POTUS is cleaning-house throughout all branches of the Federal uniformed services, Sir!
Time for a vituperative bit 'o satire at Princess Pelosi's expense; Big Club membership has it's Perks:

This Q hit-piece nails the historical Cabal take-over plan but comes to wrong Conclusions: 

The stench of fear is all over these billionaire bad-boys; they won't like the thread count at Gitmo: 

Jon Benet looks down smiling as a home-town pedophile gets taken Down:

Edging ever closer to truly outing the Satanic Magic Kingdom with the funny Ears:

Gremlins, kabouters, djinn, ghandarvas, mahakali, droids, bots ,trolls & Demons; Aargh,

Jew-Bu's are amply represented in this collage of suffering Buddhist teachers, it makes perfect sense:

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