Friday, September 11, 2020

Disclosure Digest 9-11-20

Eyes Open

If You See Something

Say Something

Americans have become connoisseurs of false flag attacks since the Cabal took down the Towers:

The Theater of your Mind is the venue of choice for Madmen and Amphibians fer Shure:

Waking up to the Poison Jab Agenda, whistle-blowers in scrubs abound - listen Up:

Neon Revolt's new video is out for all you hard core amphibians out there; get popcorn & Scorecard:

The Joe 3.0 clone is deteriorating to the point that everyone knows; No Joe today, brain's gone Away:

The Dianne and Richard Show is going on right now; up on Star Mesa?  Payback Time:

Three Felonies should about do it,some serious jail-time for those civil rights violations Ahead:

The many and varied uses of your expensive paint-ball gun; this guy was lucky it wasn't Saltshot:

Magenta and The Nine extrapolate on the Photon Belt, Kali Yuga and their ‘New Earth Teachings’:

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