Friday, September 25, 2020

Disclosure Digest 9-25-20

 Rig For A Red Rock October

Let's lead off with Sistar Sandra and her Redrock Insights; just in time for a Solar Flash-Sale:

Here comes the Quantum Financial System, the bankster's bane, disguised as a Fed program; Git Sum:

Old C_A honey-pot operations don’t just fade away, they get re-packaged and Revived; caveat Emptor:

Whoopee can’t follow all the spins/lies anymore; Joy is nowhere to be found in this View; Kekfull:

Git yer Bee Stings bundle on right Now cuz yesterday's history and tomorrow's a big fat Mystery:

Good message yet I find the long10 yr. timeline doesn't resonate for my sense, but what do I Know:

From our Last of the Last Words File comes his from you-know-Who:

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