Sunday, September 27, 2020

Disclosure Digest 9-26-20


Incoming Tsunami Of Love !

Get the latest on the current Geomagnetic Storm (G2) from the good folks at

It’s time to put Gen Flynn in charge of the terminally corrupted FBI/Stasi Mess: Mr. Clean:

Tsarina Hillary is square in the sights of not-so-blind Justice; but seriously - will they execute a Clone?

Charlie Ward sure is a popular guest these days on alt media programs; good looks or Content?

Death cultists have institutionalized this Death Economy WW; git yer cultist scorecard right Here:

Gavin Newsome must be running out of Adrenochrome to think that this sounds like a good Plan:

There’s a New Sheriff in town, WHO/CDC cucks are in high dudgeon as the Real stats are Released:

Enjoy this Barbara Marciniak snippet from The Pleiadians; seminal stuff and absolutely no Nonsense:

Never a shortage of Last Words when All-That-Is has the microphone; yada yada Yada:

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