Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Disclosure Digest 1-22-19

Welcome To The First Day

Of The Restored Republic

Let's swing into the swamp with this week's Full Frontal Fulford report in it's entirety; grok on:

My best info has George Soros being dead for the last 18 months, though his 'machine' marches on:

Israel, the Khazarian black ops capital of the world; Dark to Light; severely twisted business model:

A virtual tour of the rigged casino of modern wealth management; Haves have and you don't:

I predict this Dump-The-UN-Bill is going to sprout wings as congress gets cleaned up:

Here's a synopsis of the real science on Glyphosate - the Anti-Life,  NWO wet dream; Yuck:

Water is multi-dimensional and not bound by our provincial physics; Dr. Masaru Emoto knew it:

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