Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Disclosure Digest 1-8-19

Will RGB Be The First

Audio-Animatronic SC Justice?

Tucker Carlson is definitely riding the Q-Train; here his take on corrupt governance in the Swamp:

The Supreme Court comes out again with a planet-friendly decision; a welcome pattern develops:

This is a very ballsy Bat move by Christian Bale; down the belly of the Cheney Beast and back:

Followed by a very sad and stupid move by whoever is playing Kevin Spacey today; go figure:

A very insightful piece straight off the Res; and you think black women got a hair thing...:

Go ahead, step up to the plate and tag one! Co-creatin' is good clean fun for the whole family:

Pretty heady stuff today; let's chill and ground our energies with some embodied mindfulness:

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