Sunday, January 6, 2019

Disclosure Digest 1-6-19

 Did You Know That Benevolent Galactics

Keep Daily Council With The President?

Today's opener is from James Gilliland at the ECETI Ranch, where it's all Lightships, all the time:

Dave does a great re-capping of the Mopping-Up-The-Swamp Operation in this X22 Report:

Where do all the hot news stories/propaganda memes go when nobodies looking? Inquiring minds...:

Yup Pardner,, you could say that humanity's been rid hard and put up wet but that ain't the half of it:

This one just grabbed me by my irony-bone; too funny not to post and the Parisian pic is priceless:

While were on a cheeseburger rant, grok sum of the crap that Team Dark is still attacking us with:
 Don't worry about 5G and the rest of the 'Silent Killers'; stay woke, stay loud and make it go away:

The Vaccine Wars are ramping up as millions wake up to their reality and opt out of it; Basta Finito:

This will be our future banking system as we remove the Banksters from power and do it right:

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