Monday, January 21, 2019

Disclosure Digest 1-21-19

Samsara Is Dissolving Into The Light

The Angels message (right from the head office) 'God Doesn’t Want you to Settle'; that's nice:

Creator points out the oh so pleasant truth that it's relatively smooth sailing from NOW on:

PCR reveals that the Kennedy and King family members call for reopening investigations; Hmmm:-

X22 Report sets the stage for the coming fireworks as rogue agencies are taken down: great content:
A tuxedoed rant worthy of our resident curmudgeon and spot on the mark; enjoy:

Jordan Sather is back posting and this is his Sunday news roundup; the Follies don't disappoint:

Was Nancy Pelosi flying the coop with her whole brood? Inquiring Lightworkers want to know:

One of the best statements of Indigenous Sovereignty I've ever read: grok on, Whitey:

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