Friday, January 18, 2019

Team Hathor: Anchor Upliftment

By Peggy Black And The ‘Team’ On 1-15-19

We are here ready to offer insights and empowerment to all those connecting to this transmission. You are standing in your physical position observing your reality. What you are observing, witnessing and experiencing can be and often is challenging. This reality seems to be increasingly more difficult to witness and experience. Many would like to step out of this state of being; others are asking the bigger question, what does this mean, what is unfolding, how am I a part of what is occurring?

There is an aspect of the awakened self that knows there are far better ways to deal with these personal and global challenges. Events seem to be spiraling out of control, old patterns and beliefs holding on to the collective. Outer appearances are fearful, and polarized as systems seem likely to fail. This is not what you hoped for or expected.

Consider for a moment that this is all part of a major shift, a cosmic shift. The matrix of this 3 D reality is being transformed. This matrix holding your perceived limited reality in form operates on a very limited narrow bandwidth of low frequencies. This is an energy field of unconscious limitation.

The frequency spectrum of the galactic or cosmic energies is unlimited. These frequencies are vast and multidimensional. There is a gentle yet continuous wave that is activating and encouraging all Earthwalkers to awaken and anchor this incoming flow of energy, of upliftment and to remember how these awesome frequencies and vibrations feel.

Quantum physics reminds you that there is only one immense ocean of energy that materializes and dematerializes over and over in a millisecond. Nothing is solid. Remember it is all energy. It can never be used up; it will never run out. It is only re-cycled, re-directed and re-imprinted.

Unfortunately, many continue to use their creative ability upside down and backwards. The results are to repeat and imprint the same old patterns, the same limited outcomes, influenced by fears, doubts, and feelings of being powerless or helpless. Consequently, the inadequate dysfunctions have continued to manifest.

The cosmic frequencies that are interfacing with your 3D reality are stirring you awake. This shift, this transition that is happening, is overdue. More and more light workers and conscious Starseeds are holding a firm frequency of gratitude, appreciation, compassion and respect for others.

This awareness and the conscious work that is being done to imprint this energy field with a frequency of honoring and respecting are causing a shift. As more Earthwalkers awaken to their true essence, they are realizing that they are unlimited divine beings having this physical experience.

The energy illusion that you are experiencing as life is actually beginning to disintegrate, to break down, to wobble, as you and other awakened light beings accept the invitation and opportunity to imprint and anchor a new experience.

You are beginning to understand the hidden connections which unite the outer and inner worlds of your experiences. You truly connect to every aspect of your experiences, from your own body and thoughts to every event and object in the environment. All life is interwoven. You are like the pebble tossed into the pool of vibrations rippling out to touch all shores.

Now is the time to step up, to take ownership of who you are as a member the galactic family. Be present, alive, fully engaged with this dimension and your wondrous world at this significant time in its evolution and ascension.

Everyone has free will. The realities being created now offer many different paths. Realize that there is neither right nor wrong, they are just different paths. From a bigger perspective each divine being has selected a physical experience as a method to evolve, to expand and to remember. How will these paths play out in the matrix? Observe how you respond to these different paths.

This planet, this dimension, is a teaching environment. Each divine being infuses a physical body and interfaces with the energy field of your earth, which happens to be a field of unconscious limitation. Whether that individual awakens to this truth in this life experience or the next is their growth opportunity.

You however are aware of who you are as a divine essence, as a member of the galactic family having human sensations and encounters.

Recognize which path calls to you and follow it with all your intentions and will. Follow your heart insight and guidance with dedication and action. And as a star being you have the opportunity to hold a vision of a path of peace, harmony, love and forgiveness. You have the opportunity to evolve and reclaim your divine partnerships.

We remind you to exercise self care, listen to your own guidance and intuition, practice consciously raising your vibration and frequency, engage in a partnership between your mind and your heart. Be in nature, practice quiet alone time, nurture yourself as well as others.

When you consciously apply awareness to clean your own misqualified energies, when you watch your thoughts, your actions, your words, you are cleaning up aspects of the collective consciousness with which you have identified. You are on a path of light. You are an anchor for a new reality to come forth. Be aware when you hold and anchor a frequency of the higher vibrations, you are powerful beyond measure.

When you hold the possibility of a reality in which pollution can be transformed into clean air and water, misqualified emotions of hatred and prejudice can be shifted to acceptance and understanding, you are offering a frequency pebble that touches all aspects of this reality. You are anchoring the energy of an evolutional shift. You are anchoring the energy wave being offered by the divine luminous beings of your galactic family.

We acknowledge you and the work and service you continue to offer. We celebrate you and we assure you that when we are invited, we will walk the path with you. You are meant to be in partnership and connection with the divine luminous beings of love. We do delight in your invitation.

The ‘Team’

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