Sunday, January 20, 2019

Disclosure Digest 1-20-19

Welcome To The Collective Detox,

With A Happy Ending

Morag gives us an eclectic Super Blood Moon Eclipse message from her Rafter-dwellers;

Oh, I can imagine quite a lot; show me what ya got:

The postings from Sorcha Fal/Russian Intelligence are praising our President on high; Respect:

I now know that my deep-seated dislike for speed traps is shared by the woke French populous;

Costco, the French government just revoked the Bayer license to sell Roundup in their country;

Conquest by pipeline in British Columbia; the globalists just can't stop dumping on the Indigenous:

Cabal infiltration of previously worthy organizations is rampant; major manipulations afoot:

The Phoenix of Freedom is arising from the ashes of the Old World Order; it feels so good:

Multiple Mike Quinsey helps us wrap it up with this SaLuSa-like commentary: grok on:

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