Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Disclosure Digest 1-9-19

Well, The Gang's All Here

Et Tu Brute...

Senator Marcus Junius Brutus Discusses Opposition Intransigence for Border Security…

It's high time for another spot on Morag Stream-Of-Channelling-Rant; begone Strunk and White:

Magical video of the tribal homecoming of a returning warrior; enough to nip PTSD right in the bud:

Cloudy headlights keep me awake at night, wondering what I could have done differently; Oy:

Well, I did play a doctor on TV once but the orange jumpsuit made me look 20 lbs overweight:

I love this guy! I'll call this one Rocky over Rothschild's by a TKO (that's old timey boxing lingo):

The Maestro is shifting the scenery in mid-scene on these bumbling, inept political puppets; Yes

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