Monday, January 14, 2019

Message Fron The Pleiadian Council of Light

Via Gillian MacBeth-Louthan On 1-11-19

Welcome, we are the Pleiadian Council of Light. We stand beside you in the arenas of life. We are above in the loops of light as you are down in the valley of earth life. We watch your hopes leap from the cliffs seeking to fly and many times land short of the desired outcome. You hold a seed of hope and light that can never dim. It is in this place that you will find peace.

As your humanness grows more giant in all of its frailties and fears you will begin to cast a bigger shadow of doubt. Every uncertainty, every fear, every point of escape within you casts a very long shadow. You feed what is dark by your fears and allowing yourself to become a victim over and over again like a time loop. You grow heavy as unleavened bread with each word of negativity from another.

You stand at a threshold of molecular decomposition. You stand at a threshold that announces to you that you no longer spin in light as you have in the past. You no longer spin in truth as you have and you no longer spin in belief as you once did. As you stand in this threshold casting this very long shadow of doubt you come to a point of complete annihilation. You come to a decompression point like a balloon that spins you out of control. As one that is beamed from the Mothership back down to earth, you stand in between here and there. You are not here and you are not there. You float about in-between all matter, and all anti-matter. You try heartily to hold on to who you knew yourself to once be but it is as hugging a ghost You cannot touch it. You hold tightly and deeply to your memories of when life was simple and easy.

Your humanness is despondent for it feels as it has lost control of the good ship of lollipops that once was life. You feel as if life tricks you into a corner painting yourself into a place that is triangular and fan-like of shape. Once you believed with all of your heart and soul that you could manifest and create whatever you desired. Once you believed so much deeper than the wellspring of your belief at this point of life. You have given up, The sound of that giving up beckons its self. A shot in the dark is what we ask of you. Just point and shoot toward the movement in the dark night of the soul. You must believe with all of your vibrations that nothing can destroy what you know yourself to be.

You have allowed the dark mistress of life to slap you into a place of obedience. You have allowed matter to own you. The very molecules of your light discuss your future, and conjoin in attitudes throughout your day. Every aspect of your being, both positive and negative, flows as a battery charge. Imagine that you are storing light like a solar device and you have a positive charge or you have a negative charge. Imagine every thought of your 186,000 second day you are positively charging or negatively charging the solar battery of your life.

You are in a place in between here and there, a place of pretend, a place that sculpts itself from your positive or negative charge to every thought and situation. The energy of time wraps around you to tight. You have placed yourself in a time-out. The vibrations of life are an ever-changing illusion. They seem real to the touch and they seem real to the taste but they are fleeting. Your humanness is looking for a way out of present circumstances, and quandaries. We ask you to step outside of yourself and at the same time step into the very deep abyss into your original cell of light and see yourself.

See the beauty that you are, the master that you are, the being of light that you are. Just be there for a moment, feel all those that believe in you, feel all those that love you, feel all those that are part of you on every level of DNA. You have never been deserted, you have never been abandoned. We stand by you and believe in you even when you do not believe in yourself. You are at the Apex of your light. What happens to you is reflected in your world. Instead of drowning in the sorrows of others you must stand united with us with all levels of your light and with all aspects of those that support you in light. You are so loved beyond time and beyond space. You have been well seeded for this time, this place and you will be the saving grace by your belief and so it is. We are the Pleiadian Council of Light.

***All eyes are now on space; inner-space and outer-space Monitoring will scramble all interpretations. Miscommunication will be answerable to no one.

***Time will undo itself in several places that will be forced to go back to basics, Parcels of land that hold great power will change hands.

***What lays under the surface of other worldly water shows its true colors.

*** Connections are made upon, below and above ground as Ancient relics from the future are unearthed activating new lines of connected power.

**New priceless minerals and new atomic structures are found deep in space.

***Dimensional portals come into view as some are seen traveling from one point of time to another without restraints. There are many known as ‘walkers of time’ that square dance often thru time and space. Each one leaving a trace of time dilation. These timeline fripperies affect all time and space.

***Infinitesimal structures from other places in the solar system bring new encryptions of molecular disunion. This is often used to transport new species or alter an existing species into new time lines.

***Dimensional fissures create altered realities without warning. When this happens and you are instantaneous wearing another time line, don’t panic, step back and observe. Usually these are short in spans. It is best to always act if you know what you are doing in any dimension, as you are zipped thru time. These 5-d experiences will continue to happen.

***Disappearances and vanishings will become an everyday occurrence. Time displacements are real and need to be recognized. Dimensional pulsations can shift simply with a little molecule to the left or the right of the perceived hologram.

***Pay attention to what makes your hair rise and your skin crawl for it is the very flesh of earth responding to an unusual event. These new dimensional fluidities are disruptive and expansive purposefully.

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