Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Disclosure Digest 1-3-19

And Now, Back To The Swamp 

We begin today with Full Frontal Ben's New Year's report on the ongoing demise of Team Dark:

Ron gets what’s going on with the coming Reval et al: just another nail in the Fed coffin:

This is the current tally of sealed Federal indictments awaiting service; the beginning is near:

Just say no to 5G mind control tech in all it’s iterations, Chinese or domestic; Basta!

This move by the alliance is pure genius; 9/11 is finally back in the headlines; ‘bout time:

Tracy Beanz is the pit bull gnawing at the legs of the Hollywood Pedo Empire; ET phone home:

Another Starseed Lightworker bites the dust for outing The Cabal; enough is enough already:

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