Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Disclosure Digest 1-23-19

Time To Kick Back,

Light Up A Spliff

And Enjoy...

The biggest, most closely guarded truth about Cannabis - It's the 'antidote' for Big Pharma; Gitsum:

This Adamu piece from our Sympathy-for-the-Devil File bears re-reading as the Follies progress:

The lame-stream media will be the last place you'll find out that the world is in active Revolution:

Sorcha Fal, what's going on? So much good reporting; so little dis-info; Bravo, digital Comrades:
Uncle Vlad  sez - Anons would be wise to keep [Backpage/Perkins Coie] firmly in the kill box: 

 Kejrej (KayRy)is getting the Galactic/Alliance memos and it shows in his op-ed pieces; enjoy:

Disclosure of the not-so-Secret Space Programs and their tech is screaming along; Grok On:
Just a reminder to vote for clean, healthy food with yer damn feet; eat right and protect the Temple: 

Collateral damage to the Catholic Church is happening worldwide and on many fronts: Amen:

A lovely and informative multi-dimensional pointing out instructions from Sue and the Arcturians;

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