Saturday, January 5, 2019

Disclosure Digest 1-5-19

We're Being Eclipse-O-Fied...Again

Patricia Cota-Robles starts us out with her version of what to expect in 2019 (in Holy-vision):

Dr. Salla unloads a heap and a pile of eye-openers in this, his latest article; It's game on folks:

Good stuff from Praying Medic; remember - when Q is quiet the Game is afoot:

Sorcha rocks on; The Sisters are adding good intel to the Alliance mix; grok sum, Comrades:

Let's call this is our 'Martial Law Survival Guide'; just remember, folks the adults are on duty now:

Step by judicial step, we're getting some real 9/11 Disclosure in the arena of public opinion:

Bro Beckow sketches out his vision of what Truth and Reconciliation for bad actors might look like:

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