Friday, January 18, 2019

Disclosure Digest 1-18-19

The Fiddler In The White House

The latest Deep State take down and pole shift updates; Dr. Michael Salla Interview! Grok On:

Apparently Notorius RBG is headed Home after a long, deceptive and corrupt Earthwalk; Sayonnara:

John L. Petersen's Future Edition posted on 1-15-19; git sum positive outlook for a change:

Deep, dark, pro-profit and anti-life; this Cabal drug-running clan needs some jail time:

Interviews with Ben Fulford  are frequently just chock full of info-gems; worth checking out:

EU on the brink of collapse? It can't happen soon enough for all good, freedom-loving Europeans:

Current  messages from AAM and Lord Melchizedek via Ronna Vezane and Randall Monk:

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