Friday, January 4, 2019

Disclosure Digest 1-4-19

It's High Time To Get On With It

May this EcoAstrology Update enhance your understanding and experience of this Eclipse; grok on:

Ron Head brings this reminder to us from The Council; just remember - time isn't after us:

Creator invented Unconditional Love to bind all the aspects of Creation together; ponder on, Garth:

Many thanks to Steve Beckow for this expanded Galactic view of the current Ascension Follies

Vidya Frazier offers us this topical op-ed; Living in 5D while in a crazy 3D world, sound familiar:

Jennifer Hoffman offers her take on how crucial a sense of humor is to your ascension process: Kek

Aquaman was big on comic book Atlanteans; Dolores gives us the skinny on the folks downstairs as well as some profound insights into what's going to play out as we move up and out - or not:

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