Monday, March 5, 2018

Disclosure Digest 3-5-18

Dahling, You Look Mahvelous!

This one goes to the deep, dark heart of the Hollywood celebrity scam:

If you still think that our current system of governance works, think again. Look at what it condones:

The tide is turning against forced water fluoridation as the fight goes to the courts:

It seems KP's still got his conspiratorial ears on; 'weird stuff' as Johnny Carson was fond of saying:

Suzanne Lie brings us the third download from the always informative and amusing Zarton:

Jordan Sather goes way down the rabbit hole in this interview with Robert David Steele:

Wherein Uncle Vlad encourages the early retirement of the Bad Actors trying to start WW III:

Goldfishy Louisa teams up with curmudgeonly Jim Fetzer from VT for some hard-hitting disclosure:

If you really want to know how our present Earth experience was created with Dark Intent, read on.  This post is for the Matrix nerds amongst my readership; grab some popcorn and dive right in:

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