Sunday, March 18, 2018

Disclosure Digest 3-18-18

The Game Is Afoot On Turtle Island

Well, it's about time Bro Beckow came out of the conspiratorial closet, so to speak; kudos:

Some tips on multi-dimensional self care in this short video from Patricia Cota-Robles:

Magenta A Capella, giving a great interview and tellin’ it like it is in her own words:

While marching out all the 'usual suspects' let's not forget Bossom and Co:

Or Matthew,  for that matter. Here's his latest Message via Suzy Ward:

Denise LeFay waxes rhapsodic on the New Embodiment Level manifesting NOW:

Multiple-Mike graces us with a SaLuSa-like message for this week; git sum:

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