Friday, March 2, 2018

Disclosure Digest 3-2-18

Any NOW Moment...

Happy days are almost here and, yes, I'm saying that with a straight face:

Social Media censorship is reaching draconian heights; time to get busy creating work-a-rounds:

The sensible lightwarriors at Veterans Today have created an affordable alternative to Google et al.
If your email or blogsite a free service of Google, Yahoo, Amazon etc. it is not yours or secure:

Some years ago the Pleaidians gave the Russians defensive tech sufficient to neutralize anything Team Dark could use to make war on humanity and Putin is now disclosing same to the world:

I love the simplicity of this approach to producing fresh veggies for Hue-manity. grow sum:

There are some lightholders in Congress willing to tell it like it is and social media is the platform:

More disclosure of the insane Team Dark agenda for profiteering whilst poisoning the sheeple:

Seriously folks, just say No to mandatory poisoning of our sacred vessels; enough is enough:

We finish with some timely advice from Lord Sananda about embracing the Dark Side:

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