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Angelic Guides: 2017 The Year Of Propulsion, A Look At What’s To Come


Via Taryn Crimi On 12-30-16

We have been asked to discuss our perspective of the upcoming energies of this New Year, the year of 2017. As with all years, each has its own vibrational signature if you will.

We would be delighted to share our perspective upon this New Year, but first we want to briefly describe your calendar year of 2016.

Last year, at around this time we said that the coming year would be filled with rapid transformations and as many of you take this time to reflect upon all that has changed this year, many will stand in amazement at just what you have transformed in your reality. Change often feels at bit unnerving to many humans as you rarely can see what the transformation will look like when it is finished and this makes many feel uncomfortable.

Events, circumstances, desires and even fears manifested rapidly this past year. You had the opportunity to purge much of what was no longer needed in your life so that you could move forward with much less baggage if you will. We said that so much would be jam packed into your year of 2016 that you would wonder how you were able to experience all that in just one calendar year and so it has been.

The changing of a calendar year is not only a time for looking ahead to the future but to reflect upon what you have experienced throughout your year to help you better discern what you would like to change going forward.

You have spent the last year amidst many rapid transformations; you have been busily sorting through your desires to become far more clear about who you want to become, what your true passions are, and weeding out the people, locations, relationships, and events that no longer resonate with this new being you are transforming into.

You’re year of 2017 of course has its own vibrational signature; this will be the year of propulsion as we would like to call it. We offer you the analogy of your bow and arrow. This past year, you have pulled the string of the bow back with great force as you rapidly uncovered much that was previously unseen, and you are now taking aim, and will let the string go.  The further you pull a bow back, the further the arrow will soar.

This year will certainly still feel rapid, but it will be with far more precision than your year of 2016. This will be a year of propulsion, of trajectory. Much of what you have discovered this past year, has been used to build a solid foundation in which you will now build upon in the coming year of 2017. Just as with any structure, it’s strength and integrity will be dependent upon the foundation upon which it is built, and so it is with your dreams and goals which you have become more clear about.

Each of you have deliberately molded your passions, your interests, your goals and dreams in more detail than ever before. The beginning few months of your year of 2017 will be primarily to take a laser focus upon where you want this proverbial arrow to land. For the time will come this year, to let go of your arrow and trust that all is being delivered to you.

You have done much of the ground work; you have used your discernment to better navigate towards what you want to create going forward, this year will be about trusting the process. We remind you that there is always so much going on behind the scenes, far past what the five physical senses can detect, that if you can rely more heavily upon your intuitive senses you will feel the energy that has been set in motion. And this is why we say, we remind you to trust in this process.

Once an archer has pulled his bow back, and taken aim with precision he must let the arrow fly, trusting that he has set the coordinates accurately and now it is up to gravity to pull the arrow into place. And so it is with all of you, this past year has felt trying, challenging, unnerving and unsettling to most but you have accomplished so very much through the process. Now it is time to let go and watch the wondrous Universe pull your dreams and goals into the physical and so we encourage you to trust in this process.

On a collective level, you will begin to see many global changes, shifts in power, and uprisings of the human collective. Collectively you are learning that you are far more powerful in numbers, and as a result you are banning together. At the moment, much of the world appears to be in chaos; polar opposites and opposing views are rampant, but from our perspective this is a very necessary and beneficial time in your collective evolution.

Much of the change you are collectively seeking to make on your world will be traced back to this very time period. Remember that things are not always as they seem to be. You may act as a pillar of peace in this great time of perceived chaos. Know that the chaos does not have to permeate your experience though it will likely be prevalent in the lives of those around you. Your world is seeking balance, but the pendulum must swing in order to find its balance.

Each of you have been diligently building the foundation upon which you will now begin to physically manifest your dreams. Many of you have pivoted quite drastically, dreams and aspirations you thought you wanted have now changed and shifted as you have become more clear about the being you wish to become. The extreme nature of 2016 was felt on every level, large shifts, both collectively and individually have been made, and you will now begin to reap the rewards.

The propulsion of a rocket can be felt most intensely in the beginning, but as it moves past the obstacles in your atmosphere the ride begins to steady and ease even though the speed of the rocket increases. This analogy will be similar to how many of you will describe your year of 2017. We enthusiastically remain by your side on this journey as we are always eager to assist you in every way that we can.

We hope that this message has served you in some way.
In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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