Wednesday, January 25, 2017

React Or Respond? How Do We Use Our Power?

By Suzanne Maresca On 1-25-17

tranquility-helps-beat-depressionDoesn’t something amazing happen every day now? The Women’s Marches on inauguration day may have been triggered primarily by unhappy thoughts around a Trump presidency…

But there’s so much more here.

These energies amplify and accelerate pretty much everything now, so what started as an idea to gather some women to march on that very day evolved into something much bigger.

I did a little research into why the folks who marched were doing so, in whatever cities all over the planet. The reasons were both personal and collective in nature but overall, it was inspiring that our collective passion was activated.

We were willing to speak as one, to say we’ve had quite enough, thank you.

I trust that there’s no need to recount the myriad injustices that take place every day in our society. We all know what needs to change.

The absolutely most striking thing to me as I saw the pictures of the hundreds of thousands of women…virtually millions of women ~ They were acting as one unit, stating with unmistakable clarity that things will change.

We’ve shown that we know how to join together. We could shut this place down if we so chose, so take notice! This is how to do Peace, my friends.

I feel so encouraged by Humanity and the collective choices we’re making now. I love that we’re opening our perceptions to what’s possible for us, who we are and why we’re here.

As we do, with our hearts brimming with gratitude, together we welcome our new world.

But we have a new U.S. President now, and he seems to be inciting mostly either excitement or fear. I haven’t met anyone yet without an opinion on the subject and it’s anyone’s guess what happens next.
I’ve noticed social media virtually exploding with emotion in this most politically polarizing of events.

How irritating is it when someone suggests that you take a deep breath and relax, or to calm down when you’re all riled up? Yeah, believe me, I get it.

But really, calm down.

What if we were to do a little social experiment on ourselves and just imagine for a few moments that whatever happens it’s going to be alright? Call it sacred play. Be a kid even, and just imagine that things really are under control and unfolding in perfect Divine Order.

Too much to ask? Not so much…

From that place of truly letting go of any need to control, letting go of any idea that we ever were in control, releasing into the knowing that whatever else happens, there can no longer be any departures from The Mother’s Plan…

From that place, and we all can get there, what is there to be railing against?

If we took the stand that Pres. Trump was the devil incarnate who must be reviled and replaced (with who?) ~ people would go bananas.

If we took the stand that Pres. Trump is the very best thing that could have happened to deconstruct the sticky mass that ate the U.S. Government ~ more drama.

All of this presidential election has been about as divisive a scenario as I can dream of. Not that I want to create any such thing, but apparently somebody really does.

So how do we react? Or will we choose instead to respond?

What response do Humans have to this particular stimulus? Think about it please, and know that our actions and thoughts and behaviors are noticed…observed by our friends in the rafters. Not with judgment and usually with a great deal of admiration, but imagine please that even our thoughts are known.

How do you want your character to behave? In the book of your life experience, what kind of person do you want your avatar to be? Be that.

Where we place our attention now is more important than ever. We’re arriving in the world of instant(ish) manifestation, so we do need to be ever mindful of what we’re creating with our thoughts.
I prefer to put my attention on the Women’s March because I’m thrilled at the collective realization of the real and tangible power that we hold when we unify.

I prefer to put my attention on the fact that Pres. Trump is not HRC, and whether one chooses to admit it or not, if she had won the prize this world would be (albeit temporarily) a darker place.
Here’s the thing, too.

We’re coming into our superpowers now, and I’m using mine to focus some laser-like attention on an outcome that’s in the highest good of all concerned and in the name of the Light. The details of how all that comes to fruition are not my business.

Recently I read something that suggested that when we’re envisioning what we want for ourselves, not to get too detailed about it for perhaps missing out on the creation of something even better, even beyond our current understanding of what’s possible.

Why limit ourselves? And why engage in more fighting and drama about who’s right in their estimation of the new President and what’s going to happen as a result of his taking office? It serves nothing and it only generates more negativity.

No thank you to that.

It’s impossible to not be controversial here and perhaps this post will incite more drama. We hope not. It’s our wish that as a collective, we choose to focus on what we want and love. As a collective, we become adept at entering the stillness, where all truth resides.

And please do breathe deeply and drink lots of water.

It really is going to be okay.

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