Monday, January 2, 2017

Disclosure Digest 1-2-17



Some New Years Nuggets For Y'All

This Patricia Cota-Robles message is from 2013 but it is perfect way to start the new year:

This from our old friend, Hilarion, to bring in the New Year:

And let's not overlook Lisa Renee, Space Cadet First Class and her 2017 Energy Report:

It seems that Duterte is the John-the-Baptist-like harbinger for the immanent Trumpness:

I feel that V. Putin is the President we really want in America, ironic is it not:

More New Years Well-Wishes from whichever planet Ben Fulford is on:

And last, but not least among this New Year's well-wishers-in-the-rafters, The Arcturian Group: 

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