Saturday, May 31, 2014

St. Germaine On The Charges Being Leveled Against Pope Francis

pope-francis-timeBecause I’m receiving emails that accuse Pope Francis of heinous crimes, I asked St. Germaine today (May 29, 2014) on An Hour with an Angel to comment on the accusations. He called them “malicious gossip” and urged us not to “allow this to stall what is happening in terms of creating Nova Earth.” Here are his complete remarks.

Steve Beckow: One of our listeners has asked me to ask you about Pope Francis and in fact I’m getting emails about it as well. He says: “It seems the dark Ones are doing all possible to ‘drag him down’ with suggesting his involvement in child killing and the ‘Ninth Circle’ satanic infant sacrifice rituals.”

He names a name, which I won’t name on the air “suggests witnesses have come forward saying they saw him taking part in these abominations “ Is Pope Francis guilty of the crimes he’s being accused of?

St. Germaine: Well, it is very timely that I have suggested [using the cleansing, spiritual violet flame] on those who would malign and nay-say such a saint.

And I mean this in the truest sense. there are many who would not only like to have Pope Francis maligned and dragged down but would like to have him removed from this office because he is a pope of the people.
And he is clearing out. What you see and read and hear about the more public actions of Pope Francis in terms of shifting, cleansing the Vatican is about 1% of what he is really doing.

There is an expression about wiping something clean, taking a new broom. We did not really have brooms in our time that were really that effective. But, yes, this is malicious gossip.

SB: And what about the fact that they say that they can produce witnesses?

SG: Dear heart, many people are given [to?] illusions, disillusion, hallucinations. We do not malign those in your society or mine who believe that they have witnessed certain things and believe that. It is simply not valid.

What we would say is truly bring the witnesses forward. Let them be examined in a balanced way. This is simply another example. Much has been fabricated. Do not allow this to stall what is happening in terms of creating Nova Earth. Do not allow it.

You collectively are practicing great discernment. Now one of the lessons, the fine tuning, of discernment is that very often wonderful human beings are not all white or all black.

And that is where so much confusion comes in, that there are what we would call brilliant good deeds and misjudgment misdeeds. Now the more that you clear your karma and field, the misdeeds become fewer and fewer as does death, destruction, lack, limitation, all of the things spoken of.

But therefore it is difficult at times. And you say, but this is a good person that is sharing this devastating information about Pope Francis.

And so you become discouraged, disillusioned.  And so you buy what this good person is saying.
Might I suggest: put on your discernment glasses and understand that there are times when good people are being misdirected and misinformed.

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