Sunday, May 11, 2014

Archangel Gabriel’s Daily Messages – May 4-10, 2014

Channeled by Shelley Young On 5-11-14

Dear Ones, trying to “figure something out” rarely works. The reason for that is when you try to figure something out you have stopped all movement. Your mind is spinning around and around in the same energy. It likely does not have enough information – if it did, a decision would be easy.

When you are trying to figure something out, you are using your mind. Your mind is the operating system of your ego self, the part of you that wishes to keep everything the same. Your ego does not embrace growth, expansion or enlightenment. It seeks to keep you small.

The operating system of your soul is your heart. Feel into what you need to decide. Will it bring you joy? Are you trying to please others? If there was no other human being on earth you needed to consider, would your decision be the same? Allow yourself to be the expert of your own unique path!

If you are not sure what to do, surrender! Surrender into the flow for the highest outcome. Choose the path of ease, and the path of joy. Ask your guides and helpers for assistance, for signs and for clarity. Stay true to what you wish to create, knowing that what is for your highest good, must also be for the highest good of all. But most of all, get in touch with what you really feel on a heart level. You cannot find, or create, your heart’s desires if you do not know what they are.

Hope is your own spark of divinity, nudging you forward, always seeking the highest outcome. It is your inner optimist, always seeking to lead the way, to light the path to your next, best experience.
We understand that the energies of April were very energetically challenging for you. Just like the stone that tumbles to be polished, you will find yourselves losing your hard edges. Know you will find a state of energetic refinement where you are feeling calmer, where you are feeling peaceful, where you are finding that a balanced, calm, very present energy is where you feel most comfortable.

What is so remarkable about that, and what none of you have quite recognized yet, is it means you bring your peace with you everywhere you go. It is not dependent upon another human being. It is not dependent upon things looking a certain way in your world. It is not dependent upon wearing the right outfit, or being in a specific locale. Do you see? This is how far you have shifted and this is exactly what you have been wanting to create for yourselves – a deeply peaceful way of being that has become your very own foundation.

Many of you dislike to accept gifts or assistance because you feel like it will leave you indebted to the giver and you don’t want to owe anyone. So let us present this thought. If you understand that you are the co-creator of your life expression and that you draw to you what you experience, don’t you owe it to yourself to accept all that love and assistance?

We find it interesting that humans seem to have slotted themselves into certain beliefs for different times of their lives. Fun is for when you are young. Adventure is for when you are single. You will start to live for yourself once your kids are grown. You have wisdom when you are mature. If you are lucky you will find peace before you transition. What limiting rules you have set for yourselves!

Dear Ones, we want you to have the whole experience. How sad it is that you think you have to put aside fun in your adult years! Live! Know that the only rules that apply are the ones that you set for yourselves. Open up to the endless possibilities that exist for all of you and have the whole experience! You can create the life expression of your dreams at any age or phase of your life.

Why not take your inner child out for a date this weekend? Let that child part of you do whatever you always wanted to do but never got a chance to for whatever reason. If it’s jumping in a puddle, do it! If it is buying a toy your parents couldn’t afford for you, do it! If it is eating a certain treat that your parents didn’t approve of, do it! Take your inner child out and have a whale of a time! Go to a toy store, go to the movies, go to the beach, go adopt a pet – whatever would be the day of your childhood dreams and soak up the whole experience with the present joy and abandon of a child.

This is yet another example of how you can be your own hero, and give yourself every loving experience you could ever need. Just to be clear, this is not so that you don’t need other people, Dear Ones. This is so you are so healed and whole that there is nothing left to do but to shine brightly and embrace living the life of your dreams. This is so you are so whole, you will be oozing healthy, balanced, unconditional love and acceptance for all you come in contact with, and in turn, draw the same back to yourself.

An easy way to remember why you want to surrender is to think, services rendered. It is through your surrender practice that the universe can best serve you.

Archangel Gabriel

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