Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Council Of Nine: On Expansion Of Self-Awareness

Channelled By Eliza Ayres (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara) On 5-17-14

We are the Council of Nine. We come to you today to share with you the topic of expansion of your conception of self-awareness. In short, who are you? Are you “merely” a human being or are you a spiritual being having a human experience?

Most of humanity believe what is “self” ends at their skin or if they are a little more aware, at the edge of their auric field. They have no recollections or remembrances of having lived other lives whether here or within other cultures, in a body of another gender or on another planet in a far distant star system.

And yet, a growing portion of awakened humans are beginning to have these remembrances. And with the remembrances comes a new sense of bonding with that which is both within and without. For in truth, dear ones, there is nothing that exists outside the REAL you.

Truly nothing exists in this Universe that is not connected to the rest of creation. So, if it is presently hard to imagine that you, too, might have ties to the great galactic civilizations that exist beyond this solar system, think again. Allow your imagination to soar, to begin to feel the connection as if it is true and you will begin to understand, down into the core of your awareness of self, that it IS true.

All of you exist on more than one plane or dimension. The whole of You exists on some 352 planes or dimensions, from the line or linear to the Throne of Creation, and everything in between.

You are a grand, magnificent Being and yet, you are made up of many individuated facets, many who might not always be aware of you, as you currently exist embodied on GAIA.

Just your soul is made of 12 separate soul extensions. You are based, currently, on GAIA, on planet Earth, in the solar system of Sol, a medium-sized yellow star on an outer lying arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. So what are the other 11 soul extensions doing? Where are they, we wonder?

They are busy doing what you are doing, exploring the Universe and experiencing life in all its forms and permutations. Some may be based on GAIA, exploring other timelines and still others may be exploring and experiencing lifetimes spent on entirely different planets and star systems. Your soul’s directive is to be, to explore, to experience… and to bring what is learned back to Source.

Then there is your Monad, which is made up of 144 individual extensions and so it goes. You are MUCH bigger and grander than you can currently imagine, even if you have managed to wake up and raise your frequency level a couple of notches above that of your neighbor.

Still, you are also connected to that neighbor and he/she to you, through the vast web of Light that binds all life together throughout this Universe.

And did we mention that this Universe in which you now make your home is certainly not the only one?

Creation is vast, greater than your human mind can comprehend. And why should you worry about this? Well, there is certainly no reason to worry, but allow your imagination to soar, to see yourself piloting a vast Mother ship from the Pleiades, or meditating upon a mountainside in the Sirius system… See yourself as a vast angelic being overseeing whole planets or star systems. See yourself acting out many roles very different than the ones you perform during your daily life and you may just “tune-in” to what other parts of your vast Being are doing.

For those who are opening their hearts and connecting to Divine Mind, there is an expansion of the sense of what and who you are. You will find yourself popping into someone else’s life and suddenly realize that that person is you!

This is not a new concept for those who have meditated for years, those who have successfully raised up their serpent fire (Kundalini) whether through the assistance and mediation of a mentor or on their own through diligent practice. Few individuals have the luxury of time to spend every waking moment on spiritual practice unless they have stepped out of the matrix, out of the bondage of work and debt and into a new life.

Yet these same spiritual practices have been followed for centuries upon centuries, the ancient knowledge of the Serpents of Wisdom, the Kumaras, handed down through generations of spiritual lineages, through master and chelas, teacher and students. And those who have mastered these ancient teachings, those known to others as sages and masters, as Avatars and saints, they have long known the freedom that comes with the expansion of self-awareness.

Yet, in this current cycle, this process of the maturation of spirit and the rendering of the Veil of Forgetfulness is being sped up. Now, under special dispensation, it doesn’t take years and decades to attain full consciousness, yet it still takes focus, diligence and commitment. The way is still a narrow one and there are many obstacles placed intentionally in the path of the committed student of life, so they will be given the opportunity to overcome them and gain confidence with each small triumph.

With the thinning of the Veil comes the reunification with those with whom you share a bond. For some, especially those who have come to know themselves as starseeds, it is the realization that you may have shared lives within the same planetary system, whether it be Sirius, the Pleiades or an altogether different one. For others, it is the realization that a part of you, a Higher Self, is currently living in another system of worlds altogether… and you are beginning to tune in to their life and they are becoming aware of yours. Or you may tune into a high frequency angelic being, an elemental being or even a planetary being that is still you!

Your other “selves” may not have been involved in your soul development for a long time, but when the lower frequency portion of the soul approaches the vibratory level of the Higher Self then things begin to get interesting. Much knowledge and wisdom begins to be shared, whether through meditation, channeling with Higher Self or through the avenue of information presented through others, soul friends whom you meet along the way Home. What is being shared is being done so for the benefit of your soul extension’s process of reconnecting with the Whole.

Our scribe is beginning to connect with just such a soul group, many who are currently embodied upon this planet, as part of the great effort that is taking place to free GAIA and humanity from the Matrix. Like many others who are wayshowers, especially those who have been open to Spirit for a very long time, she is discovering that much of the information given to seekers while on GAIA does not necessarily dovetail or correspond with what is known on the higher lighted worlds.

During this opening or re-braiding process wherein you begin to reconnect with Higher Self, it is extremely important to maintain an open mind and most especially, an open heart, for there is much that is unknown to the inhabitants of GAIA… much that could not be shared until the soul extension was to the point where it was possible to begin to feed and nourish it with fresh wisdom and knowledge, without said knowledge being rejected out of hand due to human conditioning and prior training.

The human ego is very protective of your consciousness. If something new enters into your awareness, it will deny that any of the new knowledge is possible, in an effort to protect and defend. Allow your ego to have doubts, let the fears flow through your awareness and then soothe the ego with love and compassion. You are not the fear or the human conditioning that you have taken on as part of your experience in living on a low frequency planet.

All that is given as you mature as a soul and your consciousness expands will not correspond to what you have learned before, be it whether you have studied for years under one spiritual school or many or even none at all.

Spirit or consciousness has no artificial boundaries. What you do not comprehend today you may look at tomorrow and accept it as being truth. Full consciousness allows for paradox to exist. What makes sense to you today will someday make no sense to you at all. And so you grow, adjust and expand.

As you approach the mid and higher levels of initiation you WILL make contact with your Higher Self and with those who are soul family, whether on GAIA or in other worlds. It is an inevitable part of soul expansion… your consciousness recombining with what has always existed, the greater YOU that you left behind when incarnating on a lower frequency planet.

Understand, dear ones, that many of you have no concept whatsoever as to the complicated and very physical ancient cultures that exist within your own Universe. Some of these worlds you have heard of, the Lyrans, Orions, Sirians, Pleiadians, Arcturians and Andromedeans; and others you are still not aware of but will be as you can accept their different physical appearance from your own.

Some few of these cultures have been heavily involved in freeing GAIA and other worlds from the miscreations of another portion of Creation. Those cultures have sent forth great mother ships and star fleets with the intention of returning this world to its original blueprint, as a Living Library of Light, and a place to experience the wonders of the diversity and beauty of physical life.

Whole intergalactic families have devoted their lives to bringing the Light back to GAIA. Why? Because your small planet is a lynchpin in the ascension of the entire Universe. With the ascension of GAIA there will be set in motion the ascension of other star systems as life expands into higher planes of existence.

The Universe is paused at the in-breath of the One known on GAIA as Brahma. The vast in-breath of Creation is underway and so the ascension of GAIA and her return to the Light is a part of that process, through the vast cycle of creation, destruction and recreation that all consciousness undergoes. And yet, this concept is also limited through the words we are compelled to use within the framework of this medium. Use your imagination to fill in the blanks and allow for the inner wisdom to light your way to understanding.

Seek not to limit the expansion of your consciousness within the confines of what you have known, for you will soon realize that those old concepts no longer suit what you are encountering or learning. There is so much more, as the Veil of Forgetfulness is beginning to thin and lift for you. Allow the information in the form of light enter your hearts and minds and allow for new concepts to be formulated, while keeping in mind that as you grow, your understandings will also expand.

Allowing the necessary expansion of consciousness is difficult for those who have been brought up within the confines of a specific religion or belief system. All religions contain the seeds of truth within their teachings, yet not ALL of the Truth, for it would be too much for you to comprehend with your current awareness. And access to what Truth that was shared with humanity was denied to most of the population in an attempt to delay the inevitable, the return of the Light.

Now many lighted ones are physically incarnated, here to raise the frequency levels of GAIA so that she and her sacred cargo, humanity and all other life-forms, may also ascend. They are here temporarily on assignment. Some will go and some will remain, for these ones follow the Will of God and do the bidding of the ones who sent them here.

You may be one of these lighted messengers or emissaries. If you have been unable to begin the reconnection process, you may be feeling temporarily adrift, uneasy due to the lower frequency vibratory levels of most humanity here, and yet, at the same time, feeling a vague sense of homesickness for a Home that you cannot remember. This inner knowing that you do not belong here, creates for some star seeds a great sense of angst and despair in their darker moments. For some, the choice is to sink even lower, using alcohol, sex and other means to forget or dull the inner ache.

For others, the angst is answered by a flare of inner fire and determination to integrate the darkness within, to overcome the angst and to discover the why of the ache.

Our scribe has passed through many dark moments in her lifetime, which feels to her like many lifetimes… for that is what many of you who are the ascending ones are experiencing in truth. Instead of dying at the end of one phase, you are finding that you are changing your life’s focus and heading out on entirely different directions than what you thought you might be doing at this phase of your life.

You are not the same person that you were when you entered this world as a squalling babe. Your world has changed and you have changed… and are still changing. What direction your life takes is up to you… the greater You that is your soul and Higher Self, that is directing the symphony that is your life, note by note, frequency change by frequency change until you begin to re-connect with all the lost bits of self, only to realize that you have never been lost or separate. It was only your human conditioning and thoughts that kept you separate… that and the very purposeful Veil that was placed upon you by your compassionate spiritual parents so you would not remember what you have left behind until you were capable of receiving that knowledge.

Yes, dear ones, the future of this planet and of yourselves are being formed every moment through your own efforts. What do you want to see for yourself, for your children, your family, for your neighbors and co-workers, for the people who live in other cultures and on other continents? What do you wish for all life that exists upon this world?

Do you see yourself as separate from others? So be it. You are the creator of your own existence, yet it is overseen by a consciousness that is greater than the individual, your collective consciousness.
Find a way to re-connect all three parts of your individual consciousness (subconscious, Super-consciousness and your waking consciousness) so you have access to the Higher Mind that guides you from within, through your High Heart Center. This consciousness is You, your Higher Self that exists, also, as a collective consciousness. And yet also exists as units capable of individual thought.

Allow your imagination to flow, dear ones. What little we are able to convey here is only a minuscule portion of what you are about to discover or are even now in the process of discovering. Many worlds exist outside the boundaries of your mind, but not outside of your greater consciousness, as each of you is a facet of the Mind of God. Begin to tune into the other facets of consciousness that exist, simultaneously with your own and allow a sense of wonderment to fill you up – as there is no end to what you will discover on your journey within. Bon voyage!

We will end here for now and send to you our blessings and love. We stand with you, side by side… and some day you will even be able to see us and greet us wholly as Family, for we are One.

Copyright © by Elizabeth Ayres Escher.

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