Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Council: Divinely Feminine

Channelled By William LePar On 5-10-14

The Council: Without the female there can be no development of anything. It is absolutely necessary for the female. In actuality the female will be the deliverance of the masculine aspect. Here is an explanation then. In the original fall it was the masculine aspect who heard the challenge but the masculine is the thought; the thought cannot produce unless it has a substance to form from; the masculine is the godly thought, the feminine is the material former.

 In the very beginning it was the masculine thought that hesitated; the masculine hesitated at the challenge. For this hesitation to manifest it was necessary for it to manifest through the other facet of the entity's being and that would be the feminine aspect. It is true that the feminine aspect is responsible for the fall, but it is even more true that the masculine is the original one that is guilty, because the feminine is a lower vibration of the masculine, yet it is an absolute necessity. It is the prime mover, it is the foundation, and just as it was the cause of the Fall, so it shall be the way back.

Without the feminine aspect, without the female, no man or no masculine aspect can return to his God. So it is through Eve then that you shall be reborn, as the fundamentalists would put it, or as the orthodox religion would put it, because it is through this feminine aspect that you are capable of bringing the acts of love into the material aspect.

Now the masculine aspect of each of your beings is belligerent, and, shall we say, staunch, hard, stiff. The feminine aspect is the gentle; it is the mother; it is the giver; and so it is through this aspect then that you shall manifest the love of the Divine.

Nothing can be accomplished without the female. In the future in the new existence the female will be absolutely indispensable; even now her position and her proper place determines whether a family grows together or falls apart; she is actually the foundation of all spirituality. Those manifesting males who are spiritual are only spiritual because they are capable of using the feminine aspect of their androgynous being in proper avenues of expression.

 The manifesting female is that being which comes in to express in a very active and positive way of demonstrating the totality of God's Love, so the female is absolutely indispensable. When a female holds her rightful position properly, she is the closest thing to God possible in physical form.

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