Thursday, May 15, 2014

Weekly LightBlast 5-1-14

 Channelled By Jayme Price

Following the Heart

Your heart is your center of flow, for it is Love’s circulation vehicle that feeds and fuels Life. Love has many aspects and it threads through all of Life. Some of its facets are easy to mistake for no Love, but in truth, they are merely calling for Love’s embrace. You are that Love, embracing change, embracing opposites, merging duality into divinity. As you Follow Your Heart with the wisdom of patience and peace, your forge the path of Love for other’s to follow in your wake. It wakes them up, this current of Love gently rocking them or boldly compelling them to their own waves of change. Choose Love, then choose interaction with Life. Your Heart will always lead you to improvement, even if it is waking you from sleep.

As you choose Love, you are choosing the change that brings new solution, not just a new façade of suppression changed. As you Follow Your Heart, you are opening to change may lead you down a winding, at times rocky, road; but the journey will be worth the trip. Your patience opens you to the flow of wisdom, which at times must be established in a linear format to accommodate the best foundation for understanding and support. You first choose Love and find patience, for humanity is learning not to resist the moment, but to allow the moment to direct the choice of wisdom. Wisdom does not leap in fear, react in anger or rest in resentment. The wisdom of your heart flows you to change, to open yourself and shine your truth naturally, to embrace the circulation of Love and Life.

As we sit to Blast Following the Heart, we are forgiving easily for the resistance of resentment blocks our own flow. We are finding new ways to Love as a first step, for it is the movement that creates win/win solution and change. We are patiently awaiting wisdom’s form, as we enjoy the pace of Life’s guidance. We are open to change in times of joy or times of challenge, for Life is always improving through us. We are the fractal part of the whole, circulating change through Love as we allow our electromagnetic flow to harmonize the chaos. We are the eye of the storm, reigning Love as each sovereign being chooses to give and receive. We are the path of progress, Loving Life, allowing our heart to direct the flow of grace forming. Blast on!

Link Here for the video of this Lightblast and Here for Jayme's website.

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