Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Heavenletter #4917: Awareness Awakens

Channelled By Gloria Wendroff On 5-12-14

God said:
In every day of your life, you are learning and growing. You may not see this. In fact, sometimes you may feel you go backwards. Even so, every day is an advance in your life. There is another story you have not yet heard or told yourself.

Sometimes you are on top of the world, and then there are days when you do not see the sunshine, and you wonder where it has gone. You may feel you had Paradise in your hand, and now you have lost it, or it was taken from you. It feels like Paradise Lost to you. You were a Great Hero to yourself, and now life in the world seems to have let you down. You feel a Fall from Grace, as it were.

For a while, everything in your hand turned to gold, and now it may seem that everything in your hand has slipped through your fingers. You don’t understand this, and you find it unconscionable. Stated or unstated, your heart cries out: “God, why have You forsaken me?”

You don’t want to feel this way. You never thought you would feel this way, or you never thought you would ever feel this way again. You may feel that the ground has been pulled out from under you. You may feel all this at the same time as you know this can’t really be true.

Life may seem on and off again, and yet you have awareness that this cannot be so. Life may knock your emotions around. No matter what has wounded your heart, at the same time, you have the sense that God is not an on-and-off God, or He would not be God.

You may feel betrayal, yet you know that I am not against you, nor can I ever be. Life may disappoint. Life throws you a curve, and, yet, even if you fall from a cliff, I, God, am still with you.
In dark moments, you certainly may feel let down, and yet you know that what something seems to be to you, what something feels like to you, is not necessarily so. In life, you learn not to react so fast or so assertively. 

In life in the world, you are learning. You are learning that you are simply at a loss to understand Life on Earth. You have misconstrued it, intentions and all. All is not lost, and you will return to the awareness of Who and what you are and where you are with Me. Your awareness awakens, and you recognize that you are in My arms, and that it was ever so.

Your thoughts are only thoughts. I do not negate your thinking. You are already aware that all of your ideas are your ideas. What you think is very powerful. What you think can raise your spirits or knock them down. What you think makes all the difference in the world.

Here, take My hand, beloveds. Do not be beside yourself with how life appears. Even what hurts your heart may be a blessing to you. Actually, no maybe about it. Every wound is a healing. It is a cleansing. Every wound is a step up. 

Woundedness, no matter how dire it may seem to you, is in how you perceive. A sense of woundedness is fall-out from your interpretations. Forget adjectives, beloveds, and you will not be heart-sore. Forget good and bad. Forget up and down. Forget nice and forget not nice. Forget happy and forget sad.

In other words, forbear from making judgments. All this shall pass, and you will know Who you are and where you dwell. Don’t lose heart. Keep your heart on track. Stay with Me even when you mistakenly think I have forgotten you.

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