Monday, May 5, 2014

Archangel Gabriel: Your Prayers Are A Beacon

Card Commentary And Channelling

By Shanta Gabriel On 5-5-14 

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day to our busy lives.

For this week's issue we are being reminded about THE POWER OF PRAYER. 

The Gabriel Message card for this week-

Shanta Gabrie: I love the image of a beacon on top of a hill or a lighthouse on a point of land with its powerful beacon radiating out 360 degrees. I imagine this beacon light as holding the vibrational frequencies of what I want to experience in my world. This visualization is a very powerful way to hold the intentions for my life.

Our prayers emanate this kind of radiance into the world around us. A significant number of scientific studies have proven that people who are the receivers of prayer assistance fare much better in their fight for health than those who are not prayed for specifically.

Many who have had Near-Death Experiences report seeing the light from the prayers of people creating a radiance that beams into the atmosphere around the world. From Heaven, our prayers look like brilliant fireworks shooting up into the air. The Angels that assist us are alerted by the Light of our prayers.

We are being reminded that our prayers have great power. Paramahansa Yogananda wrote that our thoughts are prayers and we are always praying. This is a very powerful concept to me. It is a recognition that the benevolent Universe is always listening, paying attention to the thoughts we most focus on.

The assumption here is that if we are dwelling on certain ideas or thought forms, we must want more of the same. This is the Law of Attraction at work. The benevolent Universal Presence is ready to provide all we are paying attention to. The relevance of this law is definitely inspiring me to spend energy focusing on what I really want to receive in my life, not on what I don't want.

I do my best to receive Divine Light and allow it to flow through me every day. I have been told that this Light carries the love and wisdom of God into every cell of my being. These are the divine attributes that can bring me everything I most need for the fulfillment of my soul's purpose and my happiness in life. The idea of this light reaching out as if from a beacon helps me to remember how powerful my vibration is to the world. Holding the Light within my being and anchoring this Divine Resource into the earth has become my work and my purpose.

I feel that most of us on a spiritual path are here for this reason. Our soul volunteered to be on the Earth during this pivotal time in history to anchor light through our beings and bless the world with the love and wisdom inherent in the power of God's Light. If we all do this with our conscious intent, the unfolding of New Life Awakening in a state of pure Well-being becomes brilliantly and spontaneously obvious for all beings on Earth.

Shanta Gabriel, 2014

The Gabriel Messages #27

Dear One,
Just as a ship at sea can find the land it is seeking through the beacon light on shore, so is the power of your prayers. The guiding light of your prayers sets an intention for your life that leads the way to all you require for an abundant, healthy and joy-filled life. Prayer is an alignment with God's energy. It connects you to the abundant Source where all is provided. Prayer is not something you save until there is a dire need. Prayer is a way of aligning your thoughts to create the opening for miracles in your life.

When you pray you are sending out a powerful thought which is like a beacon light. This thought not only attracts what you are asking for, it sets a pattern of energy for the highest good in your life. It increases your conscious awareness of the power of great possibilities. Prayer creates a shift in your attitude so you can be a magnet for your good.

Your prayer does not have to be an elaborate ritual. Simple words that work for you are the easiest way to attune yourself to God. Prayer acts as a reminder that there is a Higher Power available to assist you in every area of your life.

Knowing that an attitude of gratitude can lift your awareness, it is often helpful to begin your prayers by giving thanks for that which already exists in your life. Proclaiming Divine Order is another powerful prayer when you don't know what else to ask for. When Divine Order exists in your life, you live in harmony, love and abundant joy.

Sometimes God seems very far away and too vast to comprehend. At those times calling forth your guardian Angel is like calling on a friend, someone to talk to and pour out the deepest feelings in your heart. Know that it is all right for you to ask for what you want. The abundant resource of spirit is equal to every demand, and you deserve to be happy, and abundantly blessed. It is often helpful to know the qualities you desire to attract to you when you pray. If you are lonely and asking for a mate, know clearly what you want in a life companion. These qualities could include a deep heart connection, understanding and harmony. When you ask directly for the qualities behind the physical attributes, it allows for a greater opening in your consciousness so you can receive at a deeper level.

Visualization can also assist your prayers. Imagine that you are a lighthouse on a rocky shore, a beacon of light. Feel the expansiveness as your light reaches out into the world around you. Know that your light is attracting your good to you and that you are assisting others by your beacon. When you become this light in your thoughts, it expands your consciousness and prepares the way for you to receive even greater light. It creates a new level of calming faith within you. So let your light shine. You are meant to be this beacon of light shining forth into the world for all to see.

Each person has this ability to shine, because each person is a part of the light, love and wisdom which is God. When you recognize this power within you, it will create the energy for miracles to occur. Believe that all the good in the universe is available for you, just because you are a beloved child of the Creator.

As you shine your light into the world, know that you are not alone. The abundant energy of God is pouring into you to assist you in keeping your light strong. Know that the Angels are also available as companions on your path, ready to assist you when you ask. You are a magnet for your good when you remember:

Your prayers are a beacon calling to you the Light and Wisdom you seek.

Shanta Gabriel, 2014

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