Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Heavenletter #4930: Minds Research, Hearts Know

Channelled By Gloria Wendroff On 5-25-14
God said:

The power of your mind is enormous. The power of belief is enormous. The power of your heart is greater yet. Your heart can surpass everything. Your true heart can. I do not speak of your heart being convinced by this or that. I am speaking of your pure heart left to its own devices. Your heart knows everything. Deep down, your heart knows all. Your true uncovered heart knows Truth. It knows everything, only, too often, your heart has been covered up, protected as it were, because your mind decides that cover-up is a good idea. Your mind buys this idea. This idea is circulated, advertised well, and you buy it.

Come closer to your heart, and you come closer to Me. Yes, I created your mind. This was a good thing, only mind and thought in the world have been aggrandized, and your mind takes over, as though your heart is less important. Your heart is most important of all. And so are others’ hearts.
The heart can steer with its eyes closed. The mind steers in many directions, replete with all its knowledge that comes from somewhere else. The heart is true to itself when not battened down.
Your true heart is not made of whim and catch-as-catch can. Your heart is the Knower. Your heart is the Knower because in your heart is where I abide. I am within your heart, yet you have trained your heart to wait for instruction from your mind.

Does this seem farfetched to you? Does not your food digest itself without your permission or instructions? Does not the sun shine without My reminding it to every morning? Do flowers have to make the decision to bloom? We are speaking of what is natural.
Just as when it is cold, it is natural for you to sit near the fire, so is it natural for you sit by your heart. In your heart lies the understanding you are yearning for. May you release all resistance to the free flow of your heart. May you hear what your heart knows and not as much what you think your individual mind ought to decide.

It is like this with Godwriting. You have to allow it. You can’t direct it. You can’t make it stay where you think it ought to go. Your mind is not the decider of what I am going to say. Would I be limited by what you believe? It is for you to let Me speak and for you to hear your heart.

I understand that sometimes you are not sure when you are hearing Truth in your heart or wishing and wanting. You may often have a tendency to wheelbarrow your heart’s feelings off somewhere. Don’t do this any longer. Lean into your heart. Within your heart lies the Infinity of Truth. Your heart does know whereof it speaks if only you would get beneath the surface noise and get your mind out of your heart’s way.

In My land, the heart rules. The heart contains the awareness of Truth. In this way, your heart is more learned than your mind. Your mind is a planner, a fixer, a reteller of stories. The mind looks to the past for its evidence, whereas the heart does not have to do research, for the heart knows. The heart knows. Your heart knows. You can’t kid your heart. The thing is that you turn your mind on and turn your heart off. Lean into your heart’s guidance. Get closer to knowing what your heart is saying. Your heart is speaking to you, just as I do, in and out of Godwriting.

Consider Mind and Heart as My two good sons, and your two good sons as well. You love them both, yet your mind tends to be more scatter-brained than your heart that sings the refrain of My heart. We can perhaps call your mind the Prodigal Son and your heart the son that stays Home with Me when it is not overtaken by its brother, the mind.

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