Friday, May 2, 2014

Newsletter From The Collective Of Guides 5-1-14

Dear Ones,
Know and own that we are loving you powerfully. There is a very powerful shift occurring that will help you all embody your light being-ness. The extent to which you detach from all that does not serve you is the extent to which you will realize that you are lighter than you have ever known. As you release old energies, old patterns, old ways of thinking and being, and embrace all that is of a higher vibration, you will merge with the light and feel that lightness throughout all aspects of your being. You are becoming crystalline beings and letting go of the density of your carbon bodies. Carbon is the basic element of life on your planet and as you release that density, you will become more and more aware of other dimensions.

There is a definite correlation to what you take into your bodies and what you experience in life. There is also a correlation between past karma and present life. You are quickly moving through much karmic muck that has kept you bogged down in ways that will enable you to move much more swiftly once you clear it. This clearing is a matter of importance that will seep into your awareness as you realize the denseness you have been embodying your whole life. The transition will be no more cumbersome than clearing yourself of the physical muck you encounter walking through thick mud.

If you perceive the muck as intensely inconvenient, it will be intensely inconvenient. If you experience it as harrowing, it will be harrowing. If you experience it as something that simply needs to be rinsed away, it will be very simple to get through. How you choose to experience it will be just that - your choice.

We ask you to consider that this is true of so much of your life and experience. Your choices are always yours and you always have control of your responses to every situation. If you feel you have no choice in any situation, you create that reality for yourself. If you know you always have options in any situation, you will not feel pressured to respond in one way and will be open to all the options that are truly available to you.

As you move more and more into your light bodies, you will feel empowered to explore new realms of existence. New realms will continuously open up to you as you move forward in your collective evolution. Know that the choices of each of you affect the whole and the more each of you make higher and better choices, the more choices will open up for all. Know that your higher choices have a ripple effect throughout the universe. We would like you to nurture this perhaps new awareness into higher and higher choices knowing that you personally can and do affect the whole powerfully.

There is no end to what you can accomplish when you set yourselves to making positive changes in your lives, in your relationships, in your world. You are the choice. You are the change. You are Love. Let love guide your every choice and you will always make right choice. You can do no wrong. We are loving you powerfully.

And so it is.

The Collective of Guides
Channeled by Salena Migeot -

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