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AA Michael: Earth Is The Laboratory; Mass, Physical Ascension Is The Experiment

 By Steve Beckow On 5-12-14 

Archangel Michael recently had two discussions about Ascension – one with me in a personal reading on May 5, 2014 and another with another team member, also in a personal reading on May 6, 2014.

The two discussions “updated my file,” so to speak, and so I reproduce both here. Again, as AAM has said and as Sanat Kumara says in footnote 2, Ascension is not that far away.

In the first discussion, I asked AAM about a friend who has ascended. I confess that I didn’t know what an ascended person would look like and so I asked AAM about it.

Archangel Michael: There are many who have gone through the ascension portal and have basically turned around and come back with the additional insight, energy, paradigm to assist with the rest of humanity because that is the agreement.

Steve: When I think of Ascension, I think of somebody floating on a cloud, so to speak.
AAM: And that is not the case.

S: My friend said that the human apparatus prevents the full expression and I accept that. But what am I missing?

AAM: We are not talking about full Ascension. (1)

Let me pause here to make sure we understand this remark. I think that by “full Ascension,” Archangel Michael is talking about Ascension as, say, it may have been on Halion or similar planets, where people left the body (and even the planet) to ascend.

Here we are engaging in a new form of Ascension with the body. And so the process is different so that we don’t burn out its circuits and lose the body.

Keeping the body has apparently resulted in several changes to the Ascension process.

Ascension now must be achieved at a pace and energetic modulation that the body can withstand. And this makes representations of Ascension that we may have had previously – where the person appears as a shining light, floating on a cloud, so to speak – in need of revision. Archangel Michael continues:

Archangel Michael: Think of it in this way. And there are many, many who have done this.
Think of it as going through a carwash, coming out bright and shiny, but you are still a car.
You make a U-turn. You get back in line and go back to the front of the car wash to get ready to go through again because you are collecting everybody else in line to go through with you.

The key to this Ascension is keeping the form – to ascend in form. Too many are thinking about the release of the body or that their body is so remarkably different. It will be eventually but not in that snap. It is not a snap. It is a process and humanity is in the middle of that process.

Now, will they shine more brightly? Will their consciousness be completely different – expanded, world view different? Yes, all of that is true.

The unity, the heart consciousness, the ability to create and to co-create with us? Yes. But it is not to wake up and find yourself – that would be a shame actually – it would not mean that the plan had worked and that is impossible (laughs) so you will not find yourself floating on a cloud!
S: OK. Well, I have to update my impression. Now you did say two years ago that Ascension would be a snap. (2)

AAM: Yes, it is a snap in a moment in time when someone truly gets to that point in the carwash when they are clean and bright and shiny but it is a process also, going through. (3)

In the second reading with another team member, he gives more details about Ascension as a process rather than a discrete “snap.”

Archangel Michael: Ascension — and that is why we keep speaking of the process — it is not merely a snap or a moment in time, and especially a moment in your time, human time.

It is an expansion, expansion, expansion, until, because you are flying so fast and so high, you simply fly through that portal. And the human collective has put the proviso, or the desire, expressed the desire is a more accurate way of putting it, to the Mother directly that they would like to do that together. Not a problem.

But it is the journey. It is the tools, it is the understanding. It is not ‘Now I am ascending and therefore I have the understanding,’ it is ‘I have the understanding and therefore I am ascending.
It is not something that the Company of Heaven is doing to you or for you. Yes, with you, and we are in this sacred partnership.  (3)

He then went on to discuss a related subject and that is that many lightworkers have lost faith in the Company of Heaven because dramatic, outward signs are not necessarily visible. But, he say, the process is in its most important parts spiritual and so the outward, tangible signs are not as relevant as the inward, spiritual signs.

Archangel Michael: Many human beings either have lost their faith in the Company of Heaven or never had it, never truly made the soul commitment or effort to find it and to anchor it. And that is what is going on now.

That is what all the chaos, the clearing, the illumination and the forward thrust [is about], as if it is a satellite taking off into space. But the forward thrust has happened and the satellite has left the platform.

But it is a spiritual process, and a spiritual journey, and a spiritual outcome, and yet [humans] are still looking for the physical, tangible indicators.

Now, it is not that we do not understand human existence or your desire for physicality and that experience of physicality, and part of the plan is that you remain in form. But the true measures are spiritual measures.

It is the measure of the love, of the heart consciousness, of the expansion, of the expanded awareness and understanding, of truly what is important, what is important to you, what is important to the collective, how you behave, how you interact, how you come from a place of love.

And then from there recognizing that the power of that love is what creates the entire experience of being human and on Earth. Not the other way around.

And so there are many who are, shall we say, disheartened, literally. And they look and they say, ‘I haven’t seen enough signs.’ But they also haven’t looked in the mirror truly and deeply enough. They are looking in some ways at the Company of Heaven in a very parental kind of role, like the parent who says, “If you behave I will give you a lollipop, and if you don’t behave you won’t get your allowance.”

That is not how we operate. It has never been how we operate. That is the paradigm that the humans fell into in the old third. It is not us.

So we try, and we do, and we give all these gifts, especially the Mother. But again, they’re intangibles, but they manifest in what we would call tangible ways — greater clarity, greater ability to truly navigate, to see, to create, to go forth. You have seen it in your own journey, in your own life. The clarity is there. The purity is there. (5)

So Ascension with a physical body is more of a process than Ascension after discarding the body. Again we’re creating a new, universal paradigm for Ascension here and Earth is the laboratory in which the experiment is being carried out. This means that our mass Ascension in a physical body is more of a process than a snap.

There will also be a snap, but not as much of a one as there would be if we ascended after discarding the body.

Finally, if we wish to look for signs, even though there will be outward, tangible ones, the really important signs are inward and spiritual.

(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow, May 5, 2014.
(2) In fact it wasn’t two years ago and it was actually Sanat Kumara who used the word on An Hour with an Angel:

“Yes, in terms of the collective, there will also come a point of what you will think of as snap. Where the tidal wave – no, the Earth will not shift because everybody moves to one side of it – but it will be as if the energy has shifted so significantly with the totality, or enough of the totality, that the change is unmistakable, so that you will look at each other and say, ‘We have done it.’

“We are not talking about some distant future. And I will tell you why. First of all, the plan of the Mother for the anchoring of this energy, the return of love to Earth, the Ascension of Gaia has been planned for a long time. Now, does she work on longer time-frames? Yes, as you well know. But nevertheless, humans, and the human collective, and the human soul decision did not work on an indefinite timeline. Your nature, whether you live in Africa, Istanbul, Paris, Texas, New York City or Vancouver, is, ‘We want it now.’

“So you, in this redesign, also placed what we would say, and which I am pleased with, a rather limited time-frame for this to occur. That is why you all feel so excited! You are working flat out! To accommodate these shortened time-frames for the collective to be as one, as a whole, with all of the kingdoms and Gaia in the Fifth. So, this was not only our plan, it is your plan.”

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(3) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow, ibid.
(4) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with another team member, May 6, 2014.
(5) Ibid.

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