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The Hungry Ghost

Posted on 5-1-14 By The Moon Hippie Mystic

I cannot be more adamant that we are the Creators of our Lives but more by way of our emotions than we realize. The Law of Attraction is a Beautiful thing but not if we don’t understand where we are vulnerable in terms of deep-seated fears that can change our vibe in a most traumatic way. We have to be the willing participants in what we are Creating from either fear or Love. We can think it all we want but what it comes down to is what we are truly Feeling from withIN and there’s never been a more important time, energetically speaking, to dig deep and find our lower vibrational needs and expectations so they don’t destroy the Lives we are trying to build.

The hungry ghost is a “demon” that is Created withIN from the emotion and mindset known as lack and expectation. The hungry ghost will seek to destroy every good thing that comes its way by focusing on the ONE thing it perceives it doesn’t or can’t have. When we Allow our perceptions of “lack” to consume our BEing it can be the most dangerous of cocktails and addictions stealing Joy and sucking Light until it eats itself alive.

It takes great Courage of the Heart to face our inner demons and learn to overcome the inner child who Creates and re-Creates from fear, lack, and expectation. The fastest and most efficient way to effectuate Positive change into our reality is by saturating our reality with Gratitude. The Law of Polarity states “Everything is dual, everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree” but the Law is also mutable meaning that in Spirit All is ONE so we can find Positive reaction instead of negative if we choose to look for it. [1]

Fear is allergic to Love, lack is allergic to Gratitude, and expectation is allergic to letting go. There is a karmic wheel at play in these situations and it’s our “job” in the journey of Self-Awareness to branch our way out of this wheel that goes round and round. We are not meant to operate on the “wheel of karma” rather we are meant to overcome by branching out like the Tree of Life. When we can see our Lessons and begin to Grow from them we embrace our True state of existence releasing ourselves from the wheel in order to branch out like the Tree.

The single, most important factor in Self-Awareness and the road to Spirit is the emotion of Self-Love. My spontaneous Awakening reads much like a near death experience but as my Awareness and understanding of it grows I have more to share with all of you. In those days I was given the Gift of a huge injection of Love=Light and in the coming months found myself unable to hold onto any kind of fearful vibration which caused me to “crack open” in the most Divine sense of the word. In those days a most dear Friend, David Karchere, told me that “people don’t do well without love in their lives” and it was this statement that got me through some pretty intense moments of finding the Self-Love I speak of. [2]

We have such misguided interpretations of what Love really means in the bigger picture due to the fact that our society sexualizes pretty much everything in the form of entertainment and advertising. It is our false perceptions of Love that see us not understanding what it means therefore leaving us searching for something that doesn’t really exist “out there”. We can have intimate and Loving relationships without having to sexualize ourselves and each other and it’s these relationships that are most important when we are seeking a Loving partnership.

If we cannot respect boundaries in these kinds of “platonic” relationships then we certainly can’t begin to understand boundaries in a partnership. When we “lack” Self-Love we Create an addiction of the most destructive nature making us our own worst enemy in seeking something that we already have, and always have, in our possession. In other words, we cannot be completed nor can we expect to complete someone else. When two people have an expectation of being completed by another from a place of “love” it requires stepping onto the karmic wheel of lack always searching for something “out there” and expecting the other person to provide this love that we are seeking in a most intimate way. Love doesn’t work that way.

If I complete me and you complete you then we Grow and Expand in the most natural of ways, as Individuals and from the relationships we decide to have from this place of being Complete. Love is Limitless by it’s very Nature so we cannot place something this important in the hands of another who couldn’t possibly understand the area that needs attention better than Self as all of our emotions and experiences are different. We can never expect another to fill a lacking place with the vibration of “love” if we aren’t willing to fill it withIN ourselves. In constantly looking for something we already have withIN we create an addiction, a need, that cannot possibly be quenched seeing us “fail” in “love” every time.

Our relationships with one another are rooted and sacred Gifts of Love. As someone who is Complete in a Complete relationship I/we understand how vast True Love can really be and it exceeds any “expectation” we’ve ever known in its Divinity. It gives us security in our Lives no matter what we say or do because to be True to ourSelves we are also True to our relationship. It’s okay to Communicate from a place of Honesty freeing us from the “fear” of seeing some form of rejection. It gets bigger with controversy where the endless network branches into sacred Gifts of Love deepening the commitment and the experience of Loving one other. We cannot see lack because we are not taking something from each other that we know we have withIN which means we can Give to each other Freely.

The Gift of Self-Love has given us everything we need to be rooted and sacred withIN ourselves in allowing us to let go of expectations therefore freeing us to explore the vastness of each other from our own Self-Awareness. The Gift of Gratitude allows us to have appreciation for the people who are rooted with us and have built a Life with us on the foundation of Unconditional Love. The Gift of Divine Love has allowed us to Overcome our deepest fears leaving us fearless in our space of knowing that we have Created this Beautiful Life and can be Accountable to ourSelves and others for Creating it. These are the places I hold dear and are worth protecting by way of the emotions I hold with what I choose to feed the ghost withIN.

The hungry ghost requires a specific diet of Gratitude, Self-Love, and letting go of expectation to quench its desire to eat its own tail. Be careful what you feed it!



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