Monday, May 26, 2014

Rx For Tom Kenyon And The Hathors


Thanks To Dennis Anne For Suggesting This Cosmic PSA...DT the ET

Moving from duality into non-dual states of consciousness while remaining embodied is the path all of us have chosen who would Ascend with Gaia.  The physical, emotional and psychological resistance to this expansion of consciousness we have come to refer to as 'ascension flu symptoms.'

My wife and I have found that the voice channellings from the Hathors via Tom Kenyon (and his enlightened vocal chords) have consistently provided the integration and relief we needed.

For three years we have daily donned our blindfolds, plugged in the earphones and allowed the sacred tonings from Tom's recordings to lighten the load.  We have recommended this approach to many others who have also found relief in this sound-imersion technique.

These are our top Ten Tracks -(they can be purchased or downloaded for free from Tom's site)

1- Lightship                                                         6- Infinite Pool
2- Aethos                                                            7- Pineal Dimensional Attunement
3- Solace                                                            8- Sound Transformations
4-Immunity                                                          9- Kalachakra Of Great Compassion
5-Ascension Codes                                           10- The Crystal Palace Within and other
                                                                                    free downloads Here

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