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Commander Ashira Interview - Part 6

Heavenly Blessings Show Broadcast On 5-6-14
Channeled by Linda Dillon 

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanities Heart Consciousness and myself Suzanne Maresca. Commander Ashira of the United Forces of the Outer Galaxies is back with us today to discuss the sacred Universal Laws and how our star family uses them…

For the time being since we have quite a few listener questions we haven’t gotten to yet, we won’t be taking live callers. I’m looking forward to getting a potentially different perspective on the Universal Laws, perhaps mostly about how they might use the Law of Instantaneous Transmission and I think I’ve forgotten actually a lot about what was shown to us last year…this little departure from our usual Q & A is part of the fluid nature of what we do here on Heavenly Blessings and I think it’s good to mix things up a little. Good morning Linda.

Linda Dillon: Good morning Suzi and good morning to everybody who’s tuning in, whether it’s right in this moment of now or in the archives later. It’s great to be here.

SM: It is great to be here and I would like to take this opportunity Linda to say thank you to you and to express my appreciation for your beautiful open heart and the service you do for all of us in being the channel for the Council of Love.

LD: Thank you Suzi…oh gosh (Laughter)…oh my, okay, well, shall we share with our listeners what we are thinking in terms of our plan for our future shows with the Universal Laws?

SM: Yes, yes indeed.

LD: One of the things that we have been doing with Heavenly Blessings and An Hour with an Angel is in consideration of me and my energy level and having a manageable life is that on an interim basis that we on InLight Radio as a team had decided that one week I would do live the Heavenly Blessings show and the following week I would do the Hour with an Angel; so, for a couple of months to give myself a break and to build up some stamina. But the other day when I was meditating and the Council came in…actually it was Sanat Kumara who came in and said, “We want to review the Universal Laws.”

And as you well know, or maybe you don’t, last year we did an entire series on each of the Universal Laws of which there are twelve. What we decided, Suzi and I with our trusty ‘shower of the way’ Graham, what we decided is that in the off weeks when we are not doing a live show with you, is that we would run the particular laws again so that we can review them because we receive these downloads and all this information and of course, it goes in, but we don’t consciously tend to think of…Now I’m working with the Universal Laws. And Suzi, you had some great insight, I think, while we were talking before the show about how that whole series was really planting seeds.

SM: Yeah, exactly, instead of just purely educational that we were expected to absorb be able and use in the moment, it was like offering us a potential for what we will be growing into.

LD: Yep, and I’ve been seeing it, as you know I have this webinar class, this 5 month webinar class with the New You folks, the New Youbee’s, and we have our conference calls as well, but there seems to be a theme right now about really utilizing, beginning to utilize and to think, which is that balance between our heart consciousness and our mental and emotional bodies, but really begin to think in terms of the Universal Laws and how we use them and how we can use them. So, to make that translation between just a seed being planted and having the information, which is also discussed in great detail in the New You book, to the actuality of our daily lives of ‘gee, what law can I pull upon?’

Now, we know that the Universal Law is a codification that is a body of laws, so that they work as one. But within that there are these very specific laws that we can call upon and utilize in very practical ways. One of the laws, which is Elimination, which was sort of the law that everybody shied away from, but in fact in the last few weeks the Law of Elimination has come from the rear of the pack as it were and is leading the way and we’re using that Law of Elimination in ways that we never have before. So, I think this is timely. And then I was shocked when Ashira said, “Well, we want to talk”, prior to this general discussion about Universal Laws, “we also want to chat about how we use Universal Law and what we think about it and what law means to us.” So, it’s obviously a very important issue right now.

SM: Yeah, it’s clearly…and I imagine we will be learning how to navigate the use of several laws at once because it’s not like you can take a particular issue and say, “Oh, it’s the Law of Elimination for that one and that’s it” and like you said they are all interwoven and in any given thing that we are working on there will be more than one law in effect for the resolution.

LD: I find myself usually using several laws when I’m working on any issue or creation…that’s the other thing…so, it’s very practical information and this is the basis for us creating Nova Earth because it really is that mirror of As Above/So Below.

SM: Yes it is, indeed. Alright, I’m looking forward to jumping in…shall we…are we ready for a galactic connection meditation?

LD: Oh, I think we’re always ready for a galactic connection, don’t you? And I wanted to say that the feedback that you’ve been giving Suzi and I and InLight Radio, of course, on what people are calling and we are calling the Ashira Series has been delightful. It’s always so nice to get feedback on, you know, is it useful? are you enjoying it? what do you think? So, thank you to all our listeners for doing that.

SM: Yes, I second that one. Okay, here we go.

Guided Meditation

LD: Okay, so, you all know the drill…begin to relax and feel yourself sinking into your chair or the bed or the floor, your car seat, your office seat, wherever you are. Feel that you’ve just put this beautiful pink cotton candy cocoon around you so that you are in your sacred space so no matter where you are, and we use the pink cocoon because pink is the energy that our star brothers and sisters are cocooning us in at the moment and penetrating all of Gaia, all the kingdoms, and each of us.

So, let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of that cotton candy pink, of that pink of a summer sunset, of the pink rosy cheeks of a child at play. Breathe in the pink and feel the beauty, the gentleness, and the strength. Let go of the week, let go of your to-do list and simply give yourself the gift of this time for you.

Anchor in your heart, in your beautiful tri-flame of Blue Diamond, of Pink Diamond, of Yellow Diamond, and feel that; and you can also feel it as if it is three magnificent roses and the stems of those roses are intertwined, braided. So, feel yourself anchored in your heart but also going down the braided stem sinking to the bottom of your heart, to the seat of your soul and going down to your Halion chakra, the base of your rib-cage and this is your connection to your star brothers and sisters, to your star-seed self. All of us have traveled the galaxies, the universe, the multi-verse. Feel that energy of the Halion, of the mint green, of the Electra Pleiadian blue, of the electric blue, of the French ashen-blue and feel that spiral that comes out of your chakra and stretches out into the universe, out into the Milky Way. It is beautiful. Breathe the scent of mint and breathe the air of deep space.

Feel yourself beginning to travel on this magnificent Halion spiral, anchored still in your heart but free to travel and bi-locate. Feel yourself going through the roof of your home or your office or your car, up, up through the blue ceiling of the sky into the midnight blue cloak of the Divine Mother, traveling and you see, yes, there are millions of stars but there are also a million ships. And you know today that you are going to the ship that you think of as home and it can be any ship you wish but spot it as if it is signaling to you and direct your Halion spiral towards your ship. Keep going…further…extend those wings. And feel yourself landing on the Reception Dock or the Loading Dock where two of your beloved friends, or your family, or perhaps your sacred partner is standing there waiting for you, anxious for your return. Hug each other, hug each other and feel the warmth. Feel the love that exists between you that has always existed between you. Feel the heart connection, no walls, no barriers, just a “Welcome Home!” And see and feel the doors to the ship open as you begin to walk down the hall with your two friends or beloved ones, one on each side, perhaps your star mentor. And decide today where you wish to go with them; to your chamber, to the gathering place, to the healing chambers, just follow your heart. Go and enjoy as you come to know your star brothers and sisters, your family, more deeply and to share that love.

Greetings, I am Ashira, Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies.

Welcome my beloved friends, brothers and sisters, all. Yes, for even the most grounded, rooted, consistent Earth-keeper is welcome this day, for are we all not one? And yes, I have asked, I have nudged both Linda and Suzanne to speak to you about the law because it is important that you begin to understand not merely the practical application and use in your life, in your creations, in your day-to-day existence, but that you also come to realize that it is universally used, it is our reference point, it is our way of existence, it is way of interacting, of creating, of communication.

So, by you accepting, each of you, accepting more this codification, these precepts, into your life, into the practical application of your life, you raise your frequency and we become closer and nothing could make us happier. The human laws, not all of them, but many of the human laws have come out of your old system of the old 3rd dimension so they are based on control, guild, blame, shame, fault, punishment, judgment. So they are not a system that allows and supports for the fullness of existence; it has truly been more of a system to keep people in control. Yes, and in many situations, to protect and to defend human from human. Now I do not need to say anything more because it is self-evident what that kind of system reflects, does it not?

When you work, play, engage, invoke Universal Law what you are doing is also engaging with the totality of your divinity, of your potential, of your ability to create. But it is done in cooperation and consideration of the collective, of all the collective. So, for example, we do not do or take action, and this is something that often is not understood, we do not take actions or create situations or for that matter objects, we will talk about that as well, that would create conflict, confrontation, discord amongst the people of Gaia. The same way we would not take action or do something that would interfere with the creation, with the belief systems, or the cultural aspects of Cee Cee Cee or Sirius or the Pleiadian Sector.

Archangel Michael has encouraged you to think of or reminded you of a very universal statement, “What would love do?” We modify this in a very practical way, “Does it serve? Does it help? Does it hinder? Does it hurt?” Does it assist in the creation of what we are wishing to experience, or does it block? And we follow these rules of behavior, because that is all codification of law is, is that we follow it to maintain peace and it is peace within us, peace onboard, peace with other galaxies or other planets or other species. It is so simple and it is so fundamental and when it is embedded, and I do not mean artificially embedded, I mean when it is deeply embedded in your mind and in your heart consciousness, it is an automatic way of operating, of thinking. It is that pause in the question that is always present.

Now, when we behave in this way it is in adherence to the body, to the spirit of Universal Law. Sanat Kumara is not merely the keeper of higher law or paradigms for Gaia, for Earth, for the human race, he is the Keeper of the Law and throughout the multi-verse he has taught, he has shown, he has demonstrated, he has anchored this understanding of how to live in accordance and alignment with the law. And the reason that we all have followed suit is because it makes us happier. We do not feel, in any way, manipulated or controlled or less than. If anything, when you begin the practice of adherence, yes, it is a spiritual practice with a very practical application, it makes us more creative, it allows us to maintain peace, and it gives us the broader perspective, not only of who we are, who we have been, and who we are becoming. It is not only you, the collective of humanity that is progressing, we all are. It has been mentioned on this InLight Radio, various programs, that Gaia continues her process of Ascension and so my beloved ones, so do you and so do we.

Now, we are here, not only to witness, but to participate, to support, to assist in your Ascension through the portal, and you are ready. Yes, there is a little more work to be done but you would be surprised just how eager you are…and I am not merely speaking to you who are listening, I am speaking to the mother in the wilds of Borneo, or the streets of Calcutta, in the mayhem of Venezuela or the Ukraine or Syria.

So often you have said to each other, to the Company of Heaven, to your guardians and to us, “I am so tired, I am exhausted.” And yes, you are given the explanation that it is due to the complete impact of all the energies that you are downloading and integrating as part of this upgrade shall we say, and letting go of the old. Part of it my beloved friends, is you are tired of the old and that is why we say the mothers, the fathers, the children all over the planet, they may not know exactly what lies ahead, the ins, the outs, the spiritual, or even the scientific explanation. But what they do know is they are tired of the way things are; they are tired of war, they are tired of poverty, of not having enough food or clean water for their families. They are tired of lying in huts and wondering whether there will be violence or attack, whether their home will be there in the morning. They are tired of living in fear. They are tired of outside forces that tell them what to think and feel. Humanity is tired.

That is one of the reasons we send the pink, it is to comfort you, to give you solace, to calm you down, to reinforce you. Surrender is never to us let us be very clear, we are not interested in your surrender, what we are interested in is you surrendering because you are so tired that you know there has to be a different way and we know because we have been there, we have been through this.

When we say that we are the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, how did we come to this place of being ‘unified’ from the distant, far reaches of the universe? We are unified because a very, very, very long time ago we got tired and we said to the Company of Heaven, just as you are, “There has to be a better way. We cannot continue in this way.” And the tools were given to us and in so many ways my beloved ones, they are exactly the same tools that you are being given.

Enter Sanat Kumara with the Universal Laws so that we could begin to reconstruct societies, behaviors, what you would think of as institutions and systems, which we mostly have gotten rid of, but of ways that work, ways that are reflective of love. And why did we choose love? Not because of some scientific understanding, some technological understanding that Love is the essence of the universe, that it is the core of everything. We choose love because it made us feel better, that it enriched our sense of self, our families, our communities, our ability to go forward in ways that we were blind to previously.

Love is the core of Universal Law. It is the core of everything. You use Universal Law to understand how to create, how to proceed, how even to think and consider yourselves. And that is what we do and given any situation we refer consciously and sometimes even in a very formalized manner, particularly at the Inter-Galactic Council, we refer to the laws as one body but also the particular laws. For example, we have used the Law of Balance, of Sacred Purpose, of Change a great deal in not only formulating our approach, interaction, and our communion with you, with Gaia, with coming to Earth, so that it would not ever harm you or create fear but rather to complement.

So, let us use a practical example: The sacred purpose of Gaia is to be a planet of Love in form, in the richness of physicality. The sacred purpose of every single human being is to become and to be the embodiment of Love, of divinity, of creation, of Ascension in physicality, on Gaia, inter-dimensionally, right now…not 2000 years from now; not even 5 years from now. Ascension is a process and you are thinking that it is one quantum leap and you’re done. That is not so. But your sacred purpose of every person, do not judge, do not start to quantify who is Illuminati, who is cabal, who is in containment, who is not in trust, who is the religious right, who is the fanatic, every person on your planet, billions and billions, all came with the fullness of their soul design, with the sacred soul purpose to be part of this Ascension and Shift.

Now, from our perspective that is phenomenal, it is phenomenal, especially given the bloody history of very recent years and we consider centuries recent, by the way. Now, our sacred purpose is to assist in this and we have traveled from very far to be part of this and to be part of the assistance for the domino effect throughout the planetary systems. So now you begin to see…We invoke this Law of Sacred Purpose to activate Gaia, to activate ourselves, to activate you and they are in alignment.

So we say to the universe, to the Mother/Father One, we invoke this law, we ask for the help of Sanat Kumara and all of his league to bring this to the forefront right now, that everybody begins to become conscious of this.

We invoke the Law of Change. Change is constant, you know that. With every breath you have just changed your entire body. But we invoke the Law of Change with you and for ourselves to manage the changes. It is not just you who are going through the changes; it is a massive change for us. We have been on ship for a very long time and it has been a contained environment; we have spoken of that. Now we are saying we want an open system. We have already begun our changes; we have millions on planet Earth, we have many humans back and forth, back and forth, we want an open door policy yet we have to maintain peace.

So, we invoke the Law of Change for you, for Gaia to be able to accommodate these changes in a peaceful, flowing manner to accept us, for us to be able to flex with these changes, because it changes not only your society but ours as well. Do we want it? Desperately, because it is tied to our sacred purpose, but it has need to be done that are in accordance with Love. So, we will not take any movements that will threaten governments. That is why so often plans have changed at the last moment. But we, with you, invoke this Law of Change.

So, I could go on and on but I want you to be able to ask your questions dear Suzanne.

SM: Ah, thank you Ashira and welcome and I really hope that our listeners can feel what I feel because even though we’ve done this now six times I always forget how it is and it just seems to be getting stronger that, you know, when you come on the air I just get filled…I’m so emotional now and I have tears leaking down my face because I’m feeling all the Love and I just hope our listeners can feel that because if they do, if they could, there just wouldn’t be any doubt, you know, about what you’re saying and who you are and about any of this and there is so much Love here.

I’m glad that we are revisiting the Universal Laws again because there is so very much information here to absorb and as we have discussed already, it was never meant to be fully taken in at that time and it wasn’t a strictly educational event. And what you were saying about what to let go of and….in my training there they have an expression ‘can you grow corn with it?’ and if not, to let it go. And for the Universal Laws, there are some that have a seemingly magical aspect of them for us to shift our perceptions of things into what we are really capable of because some of these things really do seem like magic and a far departure from anything we’ve been told that we can do.

So, I appreciate you coming here for this. Every day I renew my commitment to be in service and to offer myself and my physiology to move all of us along and in asking for that acceleration I don’t think we really know what we’re asking for and what it will feel like. So, before I go on to my question, have you got any comments about that?

Ashira: It is so much more than you are hoping and dreaming of. When I have said and I have not said it in any way that was meant to be disrespectful, that people are tired. So, for many they think “if I just didn’t have to struggle and fight anymore my world would be wonderful.” But it is so much more. We don’t always paint the full picture of the Cities of Light or Nova Earth because in some ways it will simply sound like a fairy tale. But it is not; it is magnificent. And there is this inner knowing that each of you has and it is what we would call a future memory that you know…and that is what keeps you going and it is what keeps us going.

SM: What seems most noticeable in my life right now is that people I love are experiencing great challenge at seeing their immediate family members suffer and die, sometimes the physical body deteriorates and sometimes the mental body does but suffering is suffering and it is never easy to witness. I’m not sure how well you can relate to these challenges because you don’t have them. But how would you use Universal Law to achieve some level of peace in seeing our loved ones in pain?

Ashira: We don’t have what you think of as suffering, but we certainly witness it and we understand it and in our, what you would think of as emotional fields, because we love you so much, we witness suffering in a very grand scale and we feel it. So, we do understand. Now, there are a number of ways but the easiest way is invoking the Law of Balance and the Law of Balance is including the balance of above and below or what you think of as within and without. Above, and now we are talking in the higher realms, yes, even higher dimensions, but also what people conceive or refer to as heaven, or what we would call the heart of One, there is no pain, there is no deterioration, there is no ageing.

So these are, it’s very simple, and if you look without in the broader universe or even to the without to your fuller energy field, which you may not comprehend…that might be a subject for another time…but there is none of that suffering. So, when you invoke, call upon Sanat Kumara, call Raj, have him show up directly in front of you, let him show you his scales of justice and invoke balance. And invoke balance in the person, the individual, the situation that you feel is suffering and within yourself because it is effecting you because you are suffering because you are witnessing suffering.

Then invoke the Law of Change. Invoke that law that allows situations to change and change does not need to be an elongated process, change can occur, and you be specific, in the blink of an eye. Change is simply another way of talking about Instantaneous Transmission or Transmutation because what is happening is that you are changing the energy. Instantaneous Transmission can be invoked. And what does it really mean? It means that you are severing one path or string of existence and starting a new one. So the sense is literally “I cut off the polio and I install perfect genetic material so you can walk again and be pain free.” I invoke Instantaneous Transmission and you hold the situation or the person in your hands. You will feel it. We do this all the time. So, you invoke it or you transmute it.

Instantaneous Transmission is more that you are cutting the string or the chord or the situation. Transmutation is that you are taking the energy and as if it is play-dough and you are shifting it from an ugly blob into a beautiful sphere. So, you are transmuting the energy and bringing it to its true form, to what it truly, not only what it was intended to be, but what it can be because pain and suffering is not a reflection of the Mother. Now, there has been this paradigm of belief that suffering somehow is saintly and that, dear heart is not true, it is a denial of the perfection of the Mother. So, let it go.

Now, how do I let it go? Invoke the Law of Elimination. Raj will not let you go awry. Simply let it be gone. You do not need to process for 22 years. Trust me, we have done it and it doesn’t serve any purpose. Invoke the Law of Elimination; invoke the Law of Completion because completion is like the closing of the circle returning the energy to divine perfection.

SM: So, alright, I imagine that the answer is going to be similar for this one but this is a big one for even lightworkers. There seems to be a population of lightworkers that are really wavering in their faith and I’m just wondering how can we use Universal Law to help us renew our faith, that we aren’t delusional about meeting up with you and having our bodies return to a state of health and vitality or being able to clean up the environment and set things straight with our relationship with nature? These are all things that I would like to participate in and in some ways I already do but so far we are still under the spell of illusion that keeps our perceptions from opening up to see what’s already in place. We really are in need of some kind of a break. So, would you have any different answer for this issue?

Ashira: Well, what I am trying to do is show you how different laws can be. Attachment and Detachment, and this was taught very well by your Buddha, and it is to attach to the higher vision, the ideal and then to detach from the current situation that feels so heavy. So, it is attaching to your vision and holding your vision, not just the space, not just the dream, but attach to the vision of who you are, what you want, what you wish to have occur and detach, again it is a cutting action, and yes, again invoke the Law of Completion; invoke that it be done.

It does not need to take a certain amount of time and space. And do not just do it in terms of humanity, do it for yourself because it starts with each person. So ask, invoke the Law of Give and Receive and you say, “Well I have already given everything I have.” So then it is out of balance. In invoking the Law of Give and Receive you open yourself to receiving.

And if you don’t know which law to use just invoke Universal Law and feel as if there is a line of the most brilliant golden light; think of it this way…from the heart of One, to the gold of Sanat Kumara, down through your crown, down through your brain and your brain stem, down every chakra, your throat, your heart, your root so that you are in alignment. If you think of it as the I AM Presence, if you think of it as the heart, the mind, the Will of One, then you are in Universal Law because it is not right, it is not just, it is not a reflection of the truth of the heart of the lightworker/love-holder when they feel defeated. We know you are tired; we are reinforcing you, that is what all these visitations are about. We are only here to help, never to take over, never to suggest that things be done in a certain way but to support and love you and hopefully for you to love and support us!

It is time for Gaia to be the playground again, not just for the human beings who are on planet but the way-station for many visitors to come and share the bounty, not only of the love of Gaia herself but of each of you. You are precious to us.

SM: And you are precious to us as well. I’m just wondering if it’s going to be humanity and our unfolding consciousness and abilities that will be able to protect us and the Earth, in conjunction with you, from what’s happened from happening again? You know, like we’re reaching a Golden Age and we are coming into our own and I’m just wondering if the cycle has to continue that we experience a Golden Age and we descend again? Is this the last time we have to do this?

Ashira: There is no requirement for descension. We got rid of that a long time ago, that is old thinking, old paradigm. Think of it…you are on a spaceship back to the heart of One…you don’t need to make any u-turns.

SM: Beautiful, alright so this is a big topic and we’re kind of done for our show today. Would you like to come back and revisit this next week, or actually in two weeks?

Ashira: I would be very happy to, I would be thrilled to.

SM: I would be thrilled to welcome you back as well.

Ashira: Then go with my love and look for us, look for us in the supermarkets, the libraries, the schools, the streets. We are with you. Farewell.

SM: Farewell. Thank you so much.

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