Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Michael And The Councils - No Decision Is Ever Made without Your Express Consent


Channelled By Ron Head On 5-7-14   

Michael and The Councils

councilOur topic for discussion today is The Councils.  All of you have experience of these.  Many of you have memories and dreams of this.  Even the very best efforts to describe these to you will fall very far short, but you have reached a level of awareness now that makes it possible to begin acquainting your conscious minds with this image, this interpretation of ‘how things work’.

More and more of you, in your remembrance of dreams or meditations are seeing what you variously call auditoriums, amphitheaters, or council chambers.  Most are seeing these as of immense size and participation.  This is, in actuality, a representation you have constructed to allow understanding of an energetic event which you have witnessed.  Such things must be ‘seen’ by you in this way in order to understand the events you participate in.

When you are ‘there’ in that ‘place’ you ‘see’ a meeting being conducted in which you participate in decisions which affect you.  The reason for the quotation marks in the prior sentence is that everything we are describing is an internal experience within your being.  That really is unimportant at this point.  There will come a time when you experience the truth of that.  In the meantime, we will describe such things in the linear fashion which you currently experience.

Many report seeing great numbers of beings in these councils.  They see some which appear to be in body and many more whom they sense as being spirit or light beings.  They see guides, teachers, and angelic beings.  Sometimes they witness themselves as listening and other times as speaking.  All of this is true.

What we wish you to begin to consider and to understand is that these councils are where all decisions which affect you in any way are being made.  You are always there.  And no decision is ever made without your express consent.  Usually it is you who is asking for all of the information you need to make a decision regarding a proposed life course.  This is where you have decided to experience all that has happened in your lives, including the current one, and where you continue to do so.  All decisions made in these councils are made in unanimity.  You might think, “What if there is disagreement?”  That is not the way on these planes.  When the entirety of future consequence is known, the choice will always be toward what is best for yourself and for all.

The attendance is made up of all those who are able to contribute in any way toward your knowledge and understanding.  Nothing has ever been decided and acted upon without your complete agreement.  And most importantly, please contemplate that as there is really no such thing as linear time you are currently participating in those decisions and living out the results at the same time.  As a matter of fact, all of the other facets of your Self are in that meeting, as well.  Your guides are all there.  Your teachers are there.  It is amazing to see.  All of you are creating an even greater life than you imagine.  And all of you are contributing your knowledge and experience to the whole.

Think what a magnificent being it must take to create such a miraculous thing as the life you are leading, fitting it neatly and expertly into the workings of the infinite so that the highest and best interests of all are considered.  As you like to say, you rock!

We will speak again soon.  We have allowed some quiet time for you and for this channel to work with and assimilate the changes of the just passed cosmic alignments.  We will settle back into our normal conversations with you now.  Good day.

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