Thursday, May 8, 2014

GOD Message For 5-6-14

Channeled by Karen Dover

Beloved ones I am the energies that wish to be placed in the context of GOD and I AM here with you as now all begins to shift and to alter and TRUTH begins to unfold around, through and within the human vehicle into which YOU have incarnated in order to experience life upon the Planet Earth. Many of you are now able to uncover TRUTH to new levels, allowing that which has been kept hidden in plain view to be revealed to you multi and inter dimensionally.

I am here to guide and to support as the human life experience upon this planet now begins to enter the NEW AGE OF AQUARIUS. The opening of the portal to humankind is now fully underway and many of you are now downloading and anchoring the new coding which is required by the human vehicle in order to find balance and harmony within the UNIVERSE of 3 at this moment. 

New energetic frequencies are all now swirling and shifting and embedding into your outer waking reality in TRUTH. That which is not TRUTH is no longer open to YOU at any waking level as many of you are now finding as you try to navigate the illusion that seeks to teach you that it is TRUTH. Once more I guide you strongly beloved ones that TRUTH JUST IS, it needs no explanation and needs no confirmation and TRUTH now expands beyond where you have experienced in this your human vehicle.

I am here to place the coding:
333 222 000 444 888

I ask you to commune with your SOUL at all moments of all moments, the reflections that are now shown to you disjointed as the hall of mirrors that the human race has been TAUGHT is life on this planet now dissolve in TRUTH. I am here with you, I walk with you and I AM YOU, for ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE in TRUTH.

(c) Karen Dover, all rights reserved -

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