Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The June Retrograde Of Mercury

Received By Peter Phalam On 5-26-14

Normally the Mercury retrograde event has some abnormal impact on our lives but we have gone through so many of them they primarily end up as non-events. This retrograde, however, settles in on the Summer Solstice point as well as the early degrees of Cancer. More importantly, it lands in the last decant of Gemini. Mercury retrograde in Gemini is a whole different animal than all other retrogrades.

When the magnetosphere of Earth began reverse polarity in early 2013, a dimensional merging event started. As we enter into 13,000 years of strong feminine influence on this planet the ancient beings overseeing this experiment felt that greater dimensional access for the evolving female leaders of this spiritual movement would be appropriate. This access is granted to budding female leaders as well as anyone who has their feminine side fully organized.

This particular Mercury retrograde will open a number of essential portals within the 5th dimension. These portals travel through sixth- dimensional time planes and end at the altars of seven Divine goddesses: Mary, Sophia, Juno, Athena, Kwan Yin, Portia and the combined altars of Lady Nada and Lady Vista. Nada and Vista are celebrating the Gemini retrograde by combining efforts in what they and the others hope is a tremendous period of spiritual downloads.

The retrograde starts on June 7th in the heart of the Gemini Sun with Mercury at 3 degrees 9 minutes Cancer and retrograding to a very important point around the Summer Solstice with two ‘void of course’ days. The 16th and 17th of June where Mercury is at 0 degrees Cancer and the Sun is at 24 and 25 degrees Gemini marks a major portal opening. An additional portal opening occurs on the 13th and 14th of July when Mercury in a direct rotation starting the 2nd of July reaches 0 degrees Cancer once again which is the demarcation point of the Summer Solstice.

The Summer Solstice is the 22nd of June and occurs about three quarters of the way through this retrograde period but whenever any planet crosses one of the four equinox and solstice points there is a power surge. When Mercury is in Gemini there is a heightened psychic arena as the mutable nature of air lends itself to dimensional interpretation.

The context of these downloads will begin the discussion surrounding the true feminine nature and the emergence of greater feminine influence of the planet. This is a major effort toward peace at a time of global disorganization. The resulting blogs that circulate in spiritual blogospheres will in turn be a wake up call for thousands of other goddesses who will find ways to connect during further dimensional merging events.

The fact that Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are all retrograde during this period means that their direct movements in the next few months will also offer short windows of dimensional access. Saturn goes direct soon after the 13th and 14th of July where Mercury comes out of Gemini and across the 0 degrees setting on the cusp of Cancer. The 13th to the direct point on the 21st of July will offer extended dimensional availability. Pluto goes direct around the Vernal Equinox in late September offering another power point of portal openings. Neptune after grueling retrograde in Pisces finally goes direct prior to Thanksgiving offering yet another portal opportunity.

Both in 2015 and 2016, these portal opportunities will expand. Those who get in on the ground floor in 2014 will be able to enlighten their thought form activity to a very high level. The only way to begin a true peace process on this planet is to unify the feminine leaders of our spiritual community with the Elohiem Goddesses that control the essence of feminine reality. The above-mentioned periods are ideally placed in early summer and offer a wonderful opportunity for vision quest activity. Namaste Peter

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