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A Quantum Theory For Contradictions On Channelled Messages



 Final Words By Geoffrey West

Transcript from Cosmic Vision News Broadcast, 2-25-14 

In this week's FINAL WORDS, it is possible that I have stumbled on to a very profound thought and revelation.

As mentioned a few moments ago, I had written this week's reflection several days before the article from Celia Fenn and Archangel Michael crossed my path. I was blown away to receive validation in this manner, so I say thanks to Celia Fenn and Michael for that little gift this week (link:

Let's back up a little bit first. Many people have gone to see psychics, and they have received predictions, some of which may have happened, and others that ultimately did not happen. Many people are quick to put down the experience, saying that because certain things did not happen, that the psychic was perhaps a fake.

Although this may very well be true, there are points that the soul has not taken into consideration, the most important of which was the soul's own free will choices in participating in an outcome.
We are becoming increasingly aware that we live in quantum universe, and humans are slowly beginning to learn about the concept of multiple timelines.

When a soul sees a psychic, we can consider the following question: What is the awareness vibration level of the psychic? In other words how 'in tune' is this psychic in that moment of 'now', but also how 'in tune' is the psychic to the BIGGER, bigger picture?

The visions that the psychic sees in that moment with a soul may be reflective of a particular timeline, a timeline that depends upon you making certain choices immediately after leaving the psychic and for a period of time after that. In that moment, that is what the psychic saw.

If that soul had planned to leave the psychic's office, and go left to buy food, that is the energy that exists, and that may have been what a psychic saw. Upon leaving however, the soul may realize that he/she needs money and instead of turning left, turns right, or goes across the street to do something else. A free will choice has just interrupted the timeline that the psychic may have seen. New events, or possibly modified outcomes of events that maybe have taken place had the soul gone straight to the food store may now occur. Therefore a certain prediction may no longer occur, or it may still occur but in a different way.

Perhaps this example may help. IF the soul had done what was originally planned, and gone straight to the food store, perhaps that soul was supposed to meet another soul by saving him/her from a possible accident. That act may have caused them to meet and fall in love. Since that action has now not happened, the conditions whereby they fell in love may not happen again. It is possible they may still meet, and it is possible that they may still fall in love, or it is possible that the opportunity has been missed for good because one or both souls were not following their own intuitions.

Okay, let's look what is currently happening. Many people began to take an active interest in channeled messages in 2012, looking for information about what would happen on 21DEC.

Depending upon the channel, and depending upon the message, many souls chose to experience disillusionment, and perhaps began to question the process of transformation that humanity is now going through.

We hear channels discussing certain events and their particular assessment of certain events is not the same, and this causes many people to question the channel, without also taking into account their own participation.

A channel is first and foremost a spiritual being having an equally human experience. The channel may not always get everything right on, especially if the channel is not feeling well at the time the message is received.

As I was contemplating this.. a thought struck me. Quantum theory seems to be indicating that there are multiple timelines, with multiples Earths, and multiple outcomes. Sources seem to indicate that we are moving towards increasingly less possible outcomes as the global cabal is slowly taken down.

Now I do not know if this quantum reality theory applies the same way beyond the 3D realm. Maybe there are multiple aspects of ArchAngel Michael, or Ashtar, or Quan Yin or St. Germaine, or any other celestial and/or galactic entity.

So a human being as a channel, MAY be connecting to one particular timeline based on his/her vibration in any moment of 'now'. Those who resonate with that message, are possibly at the same vibration, and are in alignment with the potential outcome of that particular message related to that particular timeline.

Another channel may be in a slightly, or perhaps even very, different vibration and sees an outcome in a different way. This MAY explain why perhaps, there have been different theories offered by different channels regarding what may have happened with MH370.

At this time, depending upon the collective human vibration as it rises and falls either with optimism or fear, a bleeding of quantum timelines may be happening right now, and we are seeing this bleed-through in terms of what is being told to people about this flight from numerous channels.
So the ultimate questions, and this was my mind-numbing 'wow' moment: If there exist multiple aspects of Gaia, with multiple aspects of us, on an infinite, but rapidly decreasing number of timeline potentials, are there also multiple aspects of celestial/galactic entities, guiding people according to the respective timeline from which the answer to a question is being sought ?

If the answer is yes, and I am having the feeling that it is, the question then becomes: Is there bleed-through from the collapsing timelines that is currently being experienced by the you and me, that is existing right now in the timeline and vibration we share in this exact moment of 'now'?

What one believes happened to MH370 and what I may feel or believe about the same event will depend upon the vibration each soul is choosing to hold and this will determine the perception or idea to which that soul is drawn to – the perception that the soul in question is looking for, to justify his/her global view at this time.

Now some of you will be seriously messed up with what I just shared; some will say I am full crap; a few others will ponder it; others still be open to embracing it as truth according to who they are in this moment, while some will not even think about, and know that this is something that feels like 'truth' to them in this moment. It is all relative to their vibration and what exists as 'truth' for them, according to the vibration of their current global view.

As more and more people grasp the 5D reality timelines, the 3D timelines are reduced more and more until we hit a timeline where the cabal just ceases to exist, and we have begun to manifest the Golden Age and Nova Gaia... a New Earth. The quantum bleed-through diminishes.

So...what is 'truth', dear listeners? If each choice potentially relates to a timeline reality, could truth be the timeline to which one places her/his focus on that which he/she is claiming to want to experience, and then making choices to live that, or BE that.

With each message being offered...even this message I am saying to you right now..discernment is always required. It is each listener alone, in her/his uniquely different yet equally beautiful space of awareness, that uses discernment to guide one towards the choices that resonate with ones heart and soul in that moment.

Create only a wonderful and beautiful timeline for your weekend!

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